Contributing to ReminderMedia’s Branded Publications

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Thank you for your interest in writing for ReminderMedia! We are always looking for creative ideas from seasoned writers with travel experience, expertise in a particular field, or anyone with a knack for research. Before you submit your pitch, please read through the following document, which outlines our brand tone and style, procedures for pitching, formatting preferences, and pay scale.

Who we are.

We are ReminderMedia, a sales and marketing company with over fifteen years of experience helping business professionals maintain their most valuable relationships. Our suite of personally branded print and digital products allows professionals to stay top of mind with their clients and prospects, in turn, generating more business and referrals.

Our magazines are high-quality publications that our clients use as direct marketing pieces. Article topics vary depending on the publication, but frequently covered areas include travel, interior design, household management, decorating, human interest, and recipes.

Here is an additional breakdown of our coverage areas for each publication.

American Lifestyle

  • Travel
  • Interior Design
  • Art
  • Approachable/Fun Recipes
  • Human Interest

Start Healthy

  • Exercise
  • Mental Health
  • Well-Being
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Beauty and Skin Care
  • Green Living

Good to Be Home

  • Household Management
  • Real Estate
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Cleaning and Organizing
  • Decor/DIY
  • Seasonal Tips
  • Family-Friendly Recipes

Please keep this breakdown in mind when pitching ideas so our team can ensure your pitch is directed toward the right publication. If you are an experienced writer and have a pitch pertaining to one of the aforementioned categories, we would love to hear from you.

Now that you know what topics we cover, we can go over the topics we don’t feature in our publications. Because our print and digital products are a representation of the clients who send them, it is our number one goal to make the professional look their best. For this reason, we do not feature:

  • Commentary on religious, political, or socioeconomic beliefs
  • Promotion of alcohol, drugs, or businesses related to the sale of alcohol/drugs
  • Articles that reflect a particular opinion or point of view toward a topic that could be deemed sensitive (e.g., reproductive rights)
  • Anything that could otherwise be deemed controversial or upsetting to senders or recipients

Keep in mind how different audiences across the country might react to your pitch. If any demographic could potentially be put off or upset by the themes presented, it’s not for us.

How to pitch to us.

If you think your pitch fits our criteria based on the outline above, we would love to hear from you! To submit your pitch, please send an email to The subject line should include the publication you are pitching for, along with Editorial Request. Submissions without this subject line will not be considered.

In your pitch, please include a brief outline of your idea, along with any sources or other materials you plan to use for your research. If you are pitching a topic based on your own expertise or experiences, please include verifiable sources to demonstrate.

Pitch Format

  • SUB: Title of Magazine- Editorial Request
  • Pitch
  • List of Sources

We will try to review your pitch in a timely manner. Due to the volume of pitches we receive, you can expect to hear from a member of our team within 1–2 weeks from the date of submission.

If your pitch is accepted.

Once our team has reviewed your pitch and determined if it is a good fit for one of our publications, we will notify you via email. Our editorial schedule is currently a year in advance, so please keep in mind that any articles pitched will likely not publish in the current calendar year.

Your pitch will be assigned to a particular issue, and you will be given a deadline for article submission. General guidelines for submission are as follows:

  • All articles should be submitted in a Word doc or via Google docs.
  • The word count for print and digital articles is between 900–1,000 words. For one-page articles, the word count is between 300–400 words.
  • Any sources used in research should be linked in the text. If you are the primary source, please include other verifiable sources our team can use to confirm the information in your article. Any article submitted without sources included will not be reviewed by our team.

Article Format for Submission

  • Publication Title
  • Word Count
  • Written by [Your Name]
  • Photography Credit (if applicable)
  • Article Title
  • Intro
  • Body Copy
  • Conclusion
  • For more information, visit (URL). *If your article is about a particular person, place, or subject that readers should be directed to, please include the URL in this format at the end of the article.

How you will be compensated.

The following statements outline ReminderMedia’s pay scale for freelance writers.

  • You will be compensated $300.00 for a well-written, fully composed article that requires few revisions and is published in the magazine. In addition, you will be credited as the writer in the article’s byline.
  • You will be compensated $150.00 for a fully composed article that requires significant revisions but is still published in the magazine. In such an instance, the writer at ReminderMedia who revises the piece may share the article’s byline credit with you.
  • You will be compensated $100.00 for a well-written one-page article that requires few revisions and is published on page 2 or page 48 of the magazine. In addition, you will be credited as the writer in the article’s byline.
  • If your fully composed or one-page article does not meet the quality standards of the magazine and/or requires too many revisions, it will not be published, and no payment will be made.
  • If you take your own photos for your article, it is solely at the discretion of ReminderMedia to use them. If they meet the quality standards of the magazine and are used for a fully composed article, you will be paid an additional $150.00 for all photos submitted (a minimum of 6) and will be credited for your photos. For a one-page article, you will be paid an additional $50.00 for all used, submitted photos (a maximum of 3). Use of photos is also dependent on you signing ReminderMedia’s content license agreement.

If your pitch is accepted, you will also be required to sign a freelance agreement consenting to the aforementioned pay scales.