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Using marketing through a website and email list alone will only get you so far. In order to tap in to a whole new audience, leverage an Instagram page. An Instagram page helps keep your already loyal audience engaged on another platform and also opens up the possibility for you to branch out to an entirely new group of people.

Nail your bio.

Having a unique, creative icon and blurb about yourself can be the difference between someone tapping follow or not. Differentiate your icon so that it stands out while users are scrolling through. Think of something creative that you know your audience will appreciate and understand. Give them an idea of what type of content you’ll be reliable for. If you’re able, include a call to action and a link to your website for people to become immediately engaged if they’re new to you.

Follow first.

Take a look at some of your favorite Instagram pages. The people who follow those accounts will likely be able to benefit similarly from your account. Get yourself noticed by following people who are interested in accounts similar to yours. This is something you should do once you have a good collection of content already posted, so that when they see your account for the first time, they have an idea of what you tend to post.

Email your posts.

To get the most cross traffic between both email and Instagram, include the Instagram posts you’ve made in your usual email sending. This will give people a way in to your Instagram page who normally wouldn’t see what you post on Instagram. This also helps create a loop from your email to your Instagram to your website that people can stay attached to while online.

Having a solid Instagram is going to help you increase subscribers to your email list, but also give you an entirely new platform to work with and familiarize an audience with.

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