Brands That Do Well with Generational Marketing

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The most important component to marketing is knowing who the audience is. Brands will strategize and go through rounds of trial and error to figure out just who to target their messages to. These are some of the brands out there that have figured out who their target audience is and how to message to them effectively.

Apple – Millennials

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest millennial-supported brands is Apple. In fact, they’re miles above the rest, with the technology brand having the strongest emotional bond with those in this generation. Their innovative products make for innovative advertising campaigns, which helps drive millennials to their products time and time again. While the minimalistic visuals are enticing to those across all generations, millennials flock to this brand the most.

La Croix – Millennials

Another brand that millennials go crazy over is La Croix—a sparkling water that took off thanks in part to soda’s unhealthiness. Yet there was still a need for something sparkling to curb that craving. Enter: La Croix. An Instagram (and influencer) favorite, this sparkling water stuck to their millennial market and continues to gain momentum.

Volkswagen – Gen X

As Generation Xers raise their families and experience new life changes, they want a car that’s both spacious and safe. Volkswagen is one of the most sought-after car brands for Gen Xers, with 44% of Volkswagen’s buyers being from this generation.

Guinness – Gen X

Actually, beer as a whole category is a favorite among Gen X. Brands like Guinness, Corona, and Samuel Adams round out the top 3, with other popular name brands following close behind. Guinness is particularly favorable among this generation. This Irish pub-drink staple is trying to appeal to younger audiences as well, but it remains the Gen X beer of choice.

Dawn – Baby Boomers

It’s no surprise that one of the most successful brands with the baby boomer generation is Dawn—a dish soap that 85% of boomers choose over any alternative. When it comes to getting the dishes squeaky clean, boomers would simply choose to spend more money on Dawn over other brands, even if they’re cheaper. That’s a result of good marketing.

Quaker Oats – Baby Boomers

While millennials are still riding the avocado toast wave, boomers favor oatmeal—specifically Quaker Oats—over any other breakfast option. It may have something to do with boomers wanting a heart-healthy and simple meal to start off the day. Quaker has realized their influence with the senior demographic, and tailors their marketing accordingly.

There are hundreds of other brands doing the same as the above: molding their messages around specific generations that they are seeing success with. It’s time for every brand to get on board with generational marketing.

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