Avoid Making These Home Staging Mistakes


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Staging a home correctly can amount to a higher profit on a house and a faster close, but if done improperly, it can result in the opposite. A well-staged home is key to helping you close quickly and successfully, and these are mistakes to stay away from.


You want the space to look polished and elegant, but too many personal aspects can scare people off. Aim to add just enough elements so a potential buyer can envision themselves living there. Home staging isn’t about making a space boring and plain, rather staging rooms in a way that makes them look livable without too much personality.

Too little

The house shouldn’t look cluttered—that’s actually the last thing it should be. However, too few staple pieces, like furniture, can make the space come across cold and unwelcoming. Likewise, not adding things to scale could have the same awkward effect. Adding the right amount of furniture could help potential buyers get a real sense of space.


Not adding color

Sure, too many colorful, unique aspects could make a space look too intense, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be various shades of beige, either. There should be something special about each room—whether that be a pop of color in an accessory, a collectible here and there, or a vase of flowers. Making an entire house neutral will only make it harder for buyers to differentiate this home from the dozens of others they see.


Forgetting the accent pieces

Another home staging mistake is forgetting to add things like rugs, curtains, coffee tables, and the like. Hardwood floors are one of the biggest appeals to potential buyers, but you run the risk of having a room look too bare without an accent rug, especially in larger areas.


Not paying attention to curb appeal

Don’t forget the exterior of your home, which is just as important to spruce up as the inside. It’s what prospects first notice when they pull up to a house, and nothing is as important as first impressions when trying to sell a home.


Avoid these home staging mistakes and watch as correctly staging a home can make the selling process faster and easier for everyone involved.

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