Article Spotlight: The Art of Living Intentionally

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“Life is chaotic, but we can choose to live it differently.”
–Tsh Oxenreider

It took a big move and a small change in routine for Tsh Oxenreider to begin living her life intentionally.

In “Clothesline Meditation,” Tsh Oxenreider tells the story of the life-changing lesson she learned while adapting to life in Turkey. As a busy mother of three, her level of productivity was once the mark of a good weekend. But after moving her family across the world, she realized that her Western habits didn’t translate well, and that by beginning to live more intentionally, she started to enjoy the mundane tasks that add to life’s busyness.

Notes From a Blue Bike Book CoverThe Oxenreiders moved to Turkey for a slower, more experience-rich lifestyle. Wanting to slow down, but not willing to abandon all the luxuries she was accustomed to, Tsh insisted on buying a small tumble dryer to save time on the family chores. Since dryers are rare in Turkish homes, apartments aren’t equipped with the space or the outlets that they require. Eventually, the Oxenreiders became burdened by tumble drying their clothes, since the only place for their dryer was on the fifth floor balcony of the children’s bedroom, leaving only waking hours open to do laundry. After a few months of juggling tasks and sleeping children, Tsh purchased a drying rack and some clothespins, and found that while hanging laundry, she was able to breathe in the fresh air, let her mind wander, and slow down to enjoy every moment life handed her.

If you find yourself easily overwhelmed by life’s busyness, “Clothesline Meditation” will be the simple reminder that mundane moments are best enjoyed with family, friends, or just letting your mind wander.

American Lifestyle Issue 65 includes an excerpt from Notes from a Blue Bike, Oxenreider’s new book on the art of living intentionally. Part memoir, part travelogue, part practical guide, her commitment to live life simply is a sweet reminder to make the most of every moment.