Article Spotlight: CRAFTED at the Port of LA

Housed in a WWII-era port warehouse on the LA waterfront, CRAFTED at the Port of LA provides local artists an opportunity to share their handmade goods with the public in a unique, open market environment.

CRAFTED (11 of 53)Widely known as America’s Port, the LA waterfront is America’s premier gateway for international commerce, and because port operations are becoming smaller and more efficient, San Pedro’s harbors and coastline are now being reimagined into recreation and entertainment areas.

Among the port’s attractions is CRAFTED. Oozing with character and creativity, CRAFTED gives patrons an opportunity to shop locally and buy handmade goods directly from the artists themselves. Crafters, artists, and food marketers from all over Southern California call this bustling craft market their home every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Focused on the needs of the vendors, the marketplace aims to nurture small and new businesses as they move forward as entrepreneurs.

CRAFTED Photos (39 of 42)“We give microbusinesses an opportunity to develop into small businesses by removing a lot of the overhead of a traditional storefront and providing business and marketing support,” says Rachel Sindelar Waugh, the director and property manager.

Every vendor is encouraged to decorate their market stall however they choose, customizing their space to be their own branded environment. This level of personalization creates a boutique flavor within the otherwise industrial setting.

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