American Lifestyle Magazine Is Getting an Updated Look!

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We’re excited to announce that in Issue 70 of American Lifestyle magazine—with deadlines beginning this spring—we’ll be updating our look!

Don’t worry! We’re not talking a major redesign—just a simplified and more modern look that is easily translatable to the digital environment. Everything that you know and love about American Lifestyle will remain the same, and, as always, each issue will include seven great articles on topics like art, design, travel, and, of course, food.

Changes will be subtle, but furnish a more clean, contemporary overall look that is consistent in print and online. The most noticeable update will be the layout design, which gives way to larger, more descriptive images without sacrificing editorial content. You may notice a new font throughout the magazine and on the cover (although the American Lifestyle nameplate will remain consistent). Of course, the most prominent part of the cover—you—will display just as it always has.


With delivery dates beginning in late spring, Issue 70 content pairs perfectly with the season. In “Sundaes and Nostalgia,” readers will experience some old fashioned fun at The Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia. In “Paper Posies,” art imitates nature with whimsical flowers that have been crafted by hand by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell. And we’ll go down south for “Home-Cooked Texas” and our design feature, “Southern Elegance.” For a closer look and to preview the new layout design, go to our American Lifestyle blog.


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