7 At-Home Activities That Will Keep Families Content

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It can be tough to find ways to keep every member of the family engaged while spending time at home. Activities that little ones like are not typically a favorite for teenagers, and vice versa. Most people in your sphere are probably facing this exact predicament right now, and likely aren’t sure where to turn.

Below are 10 blogs you can share that are full of activities guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. They prove that having fun at home doesn’t have to be complicated, and they’ll be so grateful for the tips!

A fun magazine craft
magazine craft ideas
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Try this caption: Do you have old magazines lying around? Put them to use in these creative crafts!

Get outside!
outdoor family ideas
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Try this caption: Get outdoors and make family memories with these clever ideas everyone will enjoy.

For a fun spin on classic games
lawn games
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Try this caption: These giant versions of classic games will make you feel like you’re in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

Try tie-dye the easy way!
tie dye craft
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Try this caption: This family-friendly tie-dying activity will keep kids busy for hours.

You can’t go wrong with an indoor fort!
indoor fort
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Try this caption: Everyone has memories of making blanket forts, but these tips can help you give yours a serious upgrade.

A fun way to feed the birds
bird feeder craft
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Try this caption: Give your backyard birdies a special place to live by making these DIY birdhouse.

Give your sunglasses a makeover
sunglass makeover
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Try this caption: Have a little fun and give your sunglasses a touch of creativity with these different DIY designs!

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