3 Ways Agents Can Use Memorial Day to Their Advantage

When you think of Memorial Day, what comes to your mind? More than likely honoring our veterans, the start of summer, delicious barbecues, and outdoor activities. However, as a REALTOR®, Memorial Day weekend can be an opportune time to offer unique marketing campaigns. In fact, it’s the only national holiday to take advantage of during the summer market until the Fourth of July. This year, see if you can put your own spin on these three marketing ideas.

  1. Patriotic-themed direct mail.
    Direct mail is a great way to get in front of prospective clients and garner leads. From postcards to newsletters, each version can be specifically tailored to every holiday. For Memorial Day, develop a patriotic theme. Consider using a photo of one of your listings that proudly has an American flag displayed in a front yard. You can even provide a few compelling reasons why it’s advantageous to list their house right before the holiday—the long weekend gives more viewing opportunities, and there will be increased neighborhood foot traffic due to outdoor parties.
  2. Open house backyard event.
    Contrary to what people might believe, hosting an open house during Memorial Day weekend can actually be quite beneficial. In fact, many people will choose to stay in town to avoid the monstrous traffic that accompanies the holiday. That being said, who doesn’t love a good barbecue? If you have a house with either a gorgeous backyard or an updated patio, highlight it. Along with providing the grilling essentials, decorate the outdoor space with patriotic tablecloths and bright lanterns. Be sure to promote the event throughout your marketing materials. The listing will be the envy of the neighborhood!
  3. Festive e-mail blasts.
    Unfortunately, e-mails can fall victim to monotony. However, Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your e-mails. With this tactic, the options are endless—highlighting top listings, featuring open houses, and providing general holiday tips. Aim to include witty copy. Phrases like “Sizzling Deals,” or “Kick Off the Summer in a New Home” will resonate with prospects more so than generic wording. If you choose to include fun tips, consider things like a grilling cheat sheet, entertaining outdoor games, and a list of local activities. Regardless of the content, be sure to include eye-catching images such as a flag and summer-themed photos.

This year, don’t let Memorial Day weekend come and go without using it to your advantage. Reflect on our veterans, enjoy the warm weather, and relish in new sales opportunities.

Our Creative Services department can design a multitude of holiday themed materials that fit your desire—from listing ads to open house events, the possibilities are endless!

Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

A digital marketer with a love for all things social.