5 Inspired Memorial Day Marketing Ideas for Agents

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When Memorial Day appears on the calendar, Americans turn their thoughts to honoring our veterans, anticipating the start of summer, indulging in delicious barbecues and fun-filled picnics, and enjoying outdoor activities. And all this is as it should be. However, for real estate agents, it’s also be an opportune time to launch Memorial Day marketing campaigns. It’s only one of two national summer holidays (the other being Independence Day) during which you can use popular holiday-themed marketing to capture the attention of potential new clients in a market that typically hits its peak during the warmer months. This year, see if you can put your own spin on these Memorial Day campaign ideas.

Send handwritten notes to veterans


In conversations with your clients, make an effort to find out which of them or their family members have served in the military. Make a note in your database and as the Memorial Day holiday approaches, start to send these brave clients a handwritten card expressing your gratitude for their service. This is not the time to make a pitch; keep your words focused on them. Your thoughtfulness will be long-remembered and appreciated, and given that such a gesture is rare, they’ll want to reciprocate with a referral when the opportunity next presents itself.

Sponsor a charitable event for injured and disabled veterans

""On a broader scale, you can sponsor an event for the benefit of injured and disabled veterans—soldiers and military service animals alike. It’s probably best to work with an existing local organization devoted to this population since they’ll have the connections, resources, and knowledge of who is most in need of help. Ask what assistance they may need and then get your team involved and invite your local community to participate. Share images on your website and on social media where you can tag people. Your assistance will be much appreciated and it’s a way to encourage potential clients to know, like, and trust you.

Plan your Memorial Day direct mail marketing


From postcards to newsletters featuring local events, you can tailor each piece of direct mail marketing to reflect traditional holiday themes and messages. For Memorial Day, develop a patriotic theme. Use images of your listings that proudly display American flags in the front yards. Choose a red, white, and blue color scheme. Insert images of fireworks to create excitement and draw attention to key parts of your message. (Our Creative Services team of professional designers and marketers can design a multitude of holiday-themed materials that fit your needs—from listing ads to open house events, the possibilities are endless!)

You can also use your direct mail to overcome objections before their raised by providing compelling reasons for why it’s advantageous to list a home right before the holiday. The long weekend offers more viewing opportunities, and there will be increased neighborhood foot traffic from folks enjoying outdoor parties.

Host an open-house backyard event

""Contrary to what you might think, hosting an open house during Memorial Day weekend can attract a lot of traffic. Eager homebuyers will use the extra time to see more homes and many people will choose to stay in town to avoid the monstrous traffic that accompanies the holiday. That being said, who doesn’t love a good barbecue? If you have a listing with either a gorgeous backyard, attractive patio, or other suitable outdoor space, why not highlight it? Along with providing the grilling essentials, use patriotic tablecloths and tableware, and add some bright lanterns to decorate. Be sure to promote the event far and wide using social media and in your other advertising. The listing will be the envy of the neighborhood, and future clients will be impressed by your effort and want you to do the same for them!

Take the opportunity to pop-by


Get your own American flag holders on us from our free Resource Library.

Use Memorial Day as an opportunity to have a quick face-to-face encounter with your clients and provide them with more value. Our team has put together an assortment of summer real estate pop by ideas to create printable cards, tags, and more that you can download for free from our Resource Library. And if you’re looking for strategies and tips to help maximize the ROI of your pop-bys, then check out another of my blog posts, “Pop-Bys for REALTORS®: Ideas, Free Gifts, & Tracking to Use Year-Round.

This year, don’t let Memorial Day weekend come and go without enjoying the many benefits it presents to your marketing plan. Reflect on our veterans, enjoy the warm weather, and use the ideas offered here to relish in new sales opportunities.


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