3 Ways a Financial Advisor Can Handle Modern Family Finances


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As a financial advisor, it’s your job to help clients plan for their short and long-term financial goals. But, that’s not all that your job encompasses. Thanks to the ever-changing family dynamic, your job can involve navigating the murky waters of the modern family’s finances.

What is a modern family, you ask? It can be anything from a couple who are in the midst of a divorce to a blended family.

Below are three tips to help you work effectively with modern families.

Be sensitive to the situation.

This is quite possibly the most important tip. Not only are personal finances a touchy subject, but adding in an atypical personal situation takes it to a whole different level. It’s imperative that you make sure that you’re sensitive to every client’s situation. Every situation is unique and making it your mission to fully understand your client’s family dynamics from the get-go will make a world of difference.

Determine who is the decision maker.

When you’re working with a married couple, it’s apparent who is making the decisions. But, when you’re dealing with a couple who is in the midst of a bitter divorce and separating their finances, it can be quite a challenge to determine who is the decision maker. That being said, it’s best to try to nail down who makes the final decision from the start. Consider sitting down with all parties involved, and seeing if you can come to a general consensus of who will be your point of contact.

Keep the communication consistent.

For a financial advisor, communication is key. But, when there are so many hands in the pot messages can become blurry. When you’re dealing with a modern family, it’s best to ensure that the communication is consistent between all parties. This means that you’ll want to make sure that the messages are always coming straight from you and that you inform all parties at the same time so no one feels left out.

It’s safe to assume that the circumstances many families find themselves in today will remain for years to come. While working with them can warrant a few changes to your original plan, implementing the above tips can help you conquer any type of families’ finances.

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