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4 Simple Steps for Agents to Start Target Marketing Today [Updated]

Updated October 2021

Target marketing isn’t easy, which is why so many businesses contract with advertising agencies and consulting firms to figure out how to do it. Even so, the principle is fairly simple—determine who your ideal client is (your client avatar) and craft messages that strongly connect with what they need, want, and believe. Your ideal client needs to feel like your message was meant especially for them. Only then will you and your brand be perceived as relevant to them.


Target marketing works best when your message is written to appeal to a specific ideal client.

You can do your own target marketing

You may feel overwhelmed by the idea of personalized target marketing, but don’t worry—I’ve got a simple 4-step process to get you started today.

Tip 1. You don’t need to target market your entire database at one time.

Start with the clients who drive the majority of your revenue—your core clients. Make them feel special (because they are!).

Tip 2. Divide those clients into 3 to 5 different categories.

Group clients by age, interests, those with large networks or those with small networks, and those who are great referral sources. Whatever categories you create, they need to make sense to you and for your business.

Tip 3. Don’t decide on targeting strategies for every category right away.

Start with a group that has a simple common factor, such as age. Think about the problems clients in each age group face. For example, younger clients may be deciding whether they can afford to purchase a larger home for their growing families. Older clients may be thinking of downsizing and wondering what the value of their current home is and what their options for a new home are.

Tip 4. Consider the best method for delivering your message.

Most agents prefer text messages, but while text messages may be great for you, they may not be so great for your clients. The channel you select to communicate with your clients should be determined by their preferences— not yours—so ask them and record the information in each client’s record in your database.


A significant part of effective target marketing is ensuring you use the communication channel preferred by your clients.

For your consideration

Your messages don’t always need to be about business. Think about it—if someone only ever spoke about business when they called you or repeatedly pitched you every time you had a conversation, how likely would you be to develop a relationship with them?

Your sole purpose for a simple phone call, quick note, or pop-by could be to just say Thank you for being a client, or Hello, I just wanted to check in and ask how you are, or Is there anything I can do for you?

This personal approach will immediately differentiate you from your competition, and your clients will remember your kindness.

Finally, your target marketing is not a short-term project. Your first message needs to be followed by a second, and then a third, and then a fourth. In other words, you need to be consistent in reaching out to your clients and prospects. Your time and dedication will pay off in engagement and customer loyalty.

At ReminderMedia, we make reaching out to clients consistently, having genuine conversations with them, and personalizing your message to every client in your database ridiculously easy.

We offer three, high-quality personally branded magazines that we automatically deliver to your exclusive list of clients. (You can get a free PDF sample here.) The week your magazine arrives, we coach you to check your database notes for each client against what’s included in the magazine you selected to send. Perhaps there’s a vegetarian recipe printed on one of the branded tear-out cards. Call the vegetarians on your list, and ask if they had a chance to try it and what they thought of it. Maybe there is a DIY garden project that you know will appeal to the gardeners on your list. You could place a similar call to those clients.

We make personalized communication with your clients easy and worry free.

If a conversation develops, then great—go with the flow. If not, then don’t force it. Let your clients know you’ll touch base again in another couple of months, but that they or any of their friends or family who may need your help can call you any time. It’s that easy.

Additionally, you have the option of including a letter on the front inside cover that you can personalize to the individual recipient at no additional charge. You can wish the Jones’ a happy anniversary; you can say Good Luck! to Jim as he starts a new job; or send a special holiday greeting to the Smiths in your holiday issue.

And because we send an issue every two months, you can be assured of six touch-points every year. It’s one of the best things you can do to remain top of mind and not have to worry about forgetting to reach out.

Regardless of whether you decide to send a magazine, make sure that you target your messages to the specific needs, wants, and beliefs of your audience. They’ll be more likely to engage with your brand, and you’ll have a greater opportunity to garner more leads.