3 Principles to Becoming a Cold-Calling Master

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If you’re in sales, cold calling will be an integral part of the game. At ReminderMedia we make thousands of calls a day and take a hard look at every aspect of our process. You don’t have to work inside sales to benefit from being able to leverage every dial though. Mastering the art of cold calling will make you more effective and lead to more closes.

Video Transcription

Guys today we’re talking about cold calling and I absolutely love this subject. I’ve made tens of thousands of phone calls in my life. I have about 70 people on the phones for me right now, majority of their calls are cold calls and whether you find yourself watching this video you hate cold calling and you hope it dies, or you absolutely love it, I’m going to tell you with a hundred percent certainty that you should master this art of cold calling because it will help you grow your business whether you’re in the entrepreneur phase or you’re in the multi-million-dollar phase, it will grow sales for you.

And what I want to give you is just three overarching principles I’ve used, and keep in mind these aren’t tactics. I’m not giving you the best script for an intro, maybe we’ll do that in later videos. But you should look at these principles and say how am I applying these principles to my cold call strategy today?

So let’s dive right in.

1. Smile and dial

The first principle I’ve seen time and time again newbies show up at firms and they buy into this principle and the top producer doesn’t, and in no time they’re outperforming the top producer. And I like to refer to it as smile and dial baby. No matter how you spin it, sales is a numbers game. You’ve got to realize that your successes, your wins, your victories will be directly correlated to the number of rejections and losses you face. Now apply that to your cold calling. The number of dials you make and you lose will be directly correlated to the number of dials you make and you’ll actually close somebody.

And what I love about this saying is it’s two parts. You got your dialing. You gotta put in the work, but my top producers know you’ve got to go phone call to phone call, rejection to rejection, with a smile. Radio DJs understand this. They understand people can feel their smile through the radio. They can feel their laughter, and top producers understand this too. You’ve gotta go into every call with enthusiasm tenacity, a smile, that you’re going to change this prospects life. The one thing I won’t stand for on my sales floor is a boring call. You’re not going to bore someone into success, or bore someone into a close. You’ve got to go in with enthusiasm and a smile. So there you have it, smile and dial, first principle.

2. Know your script and your prospect

Second principles is two parts. You got to know your prospect and know your script. Every great actor that’s won an Academy Award, guess what, they had a script. And they memorized that script. They ingrained in their heart and mind. They knew it to a T. And then what they did is they infused and they put their personality into it. It’s no different in cold calling. You gotta have a script, you gotta memorize it, ingrain it in your heart and mind, and then put your personality in it.

And in order to get a great script, you gotta know your prospect. A generalist is always outperformed by a specialist. You gotta specialize in the industry your calling. You got to know the pain points, the needs, the language. Put yourself in that clients shoes. Your ability to empathize with that client and understand what they’re walking through, that’s going to correlate to your success in this business. So you got to know your script, know your prospect.

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3. Adopt a one-call-close mentality

Third and final category, it’s the one-call-close. Now here’s the thing, this one-call-close changed my life. I know a lot of people out there don’t like the one-call-close, they think it’s pushy, they think its aggressive, the truth is it’s a one-call-close mentality. You’re not always going to win on the first call, it’s not always a reality, but what changed my career in sales is I started believing that in every call, when I go into that call, whether I”m going for an appointment, or I’m going for a credit card, that I can close them on this call.

Grant Cardone says it best, “The only reason why someone will buy from you, is because the value that you presented to them doesn’t outweigh the price in their mind.” Think about that, the value that you presented on your call doesn’t outweigh the price in their mind. Price isn’t always money. Sometimes it’s time, sometimes it’s the fear of loss. So you’ve got to understand that the only reason someone will buy from you on your call to them, the only reason you can’t get a one-call-close, it’s not because they need to talk to their partner, it’s not because they’re driving, it’s because the value that you presented to them has not outweighed the price in the time that it takes in their minds to accomplish it.

A great example of this is the lottery. Think about it, people spent three dollars here five dollars here on lottery tickets, throwing away their money. I think there’s two in three-hundred-million chance of winning, but they do it because the value that’s presented, the potential gain, the reward that’s presented outweighs in their mind losing that five dollars. And what this should lead you to is back to that second principle. If you’re not closing then it’s not because they need to talk to their partner, it’s because you don’t understand your prospect’s needs. You don’t understand the pain point, you haven’t delivered a good enough script to make them buy on that first call.

The takeaway.

So guys there you have it, just three simple categories. You go into every call smiling. You need to dial, go rejection to rejection because that’s going to correlate to your wins and successes. You need to understand your prospect and know your script you’re going to give to them. And then at the end of the day believe that you can close them on the first call. Take action on these today.

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