Raise awareness and show your support for the fight against breast cancer.

The Power of Pink

Since ReminderMedia was founded in 2004, our mission has been to make life better for others.

This year we are making Breast Cancer Awareness a focus by partnering with SHARE Cancer Support. Designed to raise awareness and support for those who have been affected by the disease, this issue includes a variety of cover and ad options that are perfect for showing you care.

SHARE to Care

SHARE is dedicated to removing any feelings of isolation and strengthening the bonds between people who are diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancers. SHARE, a national nonprofit that works to “connect those who are diagnosed with the unique support of survivors and peers, creating a community where no one has to face breast, ovarian, uterine or metastatic breast cancer alone.”

SHARE provides free access to support in several ways. For example, its national Helpline is 100% answered by volunteers who are cancer survivors or caretakers for those with cancer, who can lend an empathetic ear to anyone who calls because they’ve been there. In addition, it offers peer-led support groups to help foster community and share coping techniques for both women with cancer and caregivers, as well as a broad range of educational programs about medical treatments, coping strategies, healthy eating and exercise.

Support SHARE Cancer Support

To date, ReminderMedia has contributed over $100,000 to various nonprofits over the past several years—and we’re proud to say that we’re continuing this effort in 2023.

This year, we are working together with SHARE Cancer Support to raise awareness as well as donations.

ReminderMedia has already donated $10,000 to SHARE. Our goal is to raise even more money through new customer sign-ups and individual donations.


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Exclusive Pink-Themed Content

Exclusive Front Cover, Back Cover, Back Inside Cover, and Tear Out Card options let you show your support for breast cancer awareness in multiple ways.


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