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June 2022

Release Notes

Removed “Delete” Option When Having Only One Postcard Campaign

To avoid accidentally deleting your only postcard campaign and losing any work you’ve done 😅 we have disabled the ability to Delete a postcard campaign if there is only one. Instead, you can simply Disable the campaign by clicking the green toggle switch and confirming to Disable Campaign.

You can then re-enable the campaign at any point by clicking the gray toggle switch or choosing Enable Campaign. 👍

Added Individual Contact Blocks for Postcard Campaigns

With the ability to set up multiple postcard campaigns, we’ve added a feature to have unique contact blocks 📲 for each campaign if you choose to.

When setting up a new campaign, your standard contact block with automatically load. You can make changes to that based on who you’re sending to, if you wanted to send a campaign as a 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 team, or if you have a partner in your business that is also using your account.

Try out multiple postcard campaigns today! ⭐️

Updated Privacy Policy

With new products, come new privacy considerations. We have recently updated our privacy policy. Read it here. ⬅️