Three ways ReminderMedia marketing helps RBC Wealth Management advisors build and maintain valuable relationships:

  • Increases rapport with spouses and families
  • Reinforces value proposition and top-of-mind awareness
  • Drives referrals and helps prevent unwanted ACATS


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Stop losing past clients and contacts to the competition because you didn't stay connected in a meaningful way. Join more than 100,000 professionals who have used a ReminderMedia customizable publication to stay in touch with their contacts.

Ways Financial Advisors Use Our Products

Mail to top clients
Use at events
Leave in high-traffic areas

“I’ve gotten new referrals from the magazine. They are very happy to have someone going above and beyond by sending a piece like this.”

~ Anthony LaRocca – LaRocca Financial Services





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Better than traditional advertising?

Here’s why top advisors choose American Lifestyle and Start Healthy magazines over traditional marketing.


  1. They get past the trash can and onto the coffee table – While traditional marketing materials quickly get thrown out, the magazines are perceived as a gift. Your clients will not only love reading them, they’ll also display them in their home.
  2. It keeps you in touch with your contacts on a regular basis – Unlike other gifts you may send to your clients, American Lifestyle and Start Healthy magazines connect on a recurring basis (every 2 months). They’re the perfect way to let your clients know that you appreciate them, while keeping your contact information front and center for referral opportunities.
  3. It is cost-effective and easy to send to all of your clients – Traditional follow-up gifts are either too expensive, or only have a short-term impact. ReminderMedia’s customizable publications are a cost-effective and easy-to-manage approach that help you continuously stay in touch for years.

Relationships are the most important element of your business,
and this high-end marketing tool is designed to help you
stay in touch with everyone in your sphere.


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