St. Patrick's Day Client Pop-By Cards

Let your clients know just how LUCKY you are to have them.

Getting referrals from your sphere doesn’t involve luck, it’s an important part of your strategy to stay in front of clients regularly. This client pop-by printable card makes it easy to follow up with clients!

Saint Patrick’s Day is an excellent opportunity to reach out to your sphere and tell your clients just how much you appreciate their business (and referrals!)

Simply print out these cards, attach a seasonal treat, and hand them out to your client base on pop-by visits or as you see them in person.


  • Print-ready PDF file
    4 cards on one page for economical printing. Send to a local copy center or print in your office.
  • Business Card Display
    Showcase your business card on the front so clients have your contact info handy to send you referrals or give to friends and family.
  • Individual and Team Versions
    Choose which tags work best for you (whether you are part of a team or not).
  • Instructions for Assembly
    Helpful tips for printing and distributing.

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