Safe Showing Checklist for COVID-19

Send this checklist to your clients if you are doing a showing in their home to help them understand the precautions everyone can take to have a safe showing during COVID-19.

There could be a time during the COVID-19 pandemic where you may need to show a home in person to get it sold (if your state currently allows). As an agent, you need to make sure every safety precaution is in place to ensure the peace of mind of your seller and buyer.

Send this checklist to your seller prior to the showing so they know what safety measures to take beforehand. The checklist also mentions safety steps that you as their agent will take, so they are aware of what you are doing for them.

Simply download this .zip file, select the individual or team PDF file based upon your needs, and then email this out to the person showing their home. There is even a spot at the bottom of the PDF to type in your contact information to make this look like a personalized, custom piece.


Safe Showing Checklist for Individuals
A list of safety steps both you and your seller can take before the showing.

Safe Showing Checklist for Teams
Use this version if you are part of a team!

Instructions for Use
Use these helpful tips to get your checklist on it’s way.


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