Mardi Gras Beads Referral Tag

Celebrate Mardi Gras by connecting with new clients!

When you connect with your clients around holidays, they’ll be more likely to remember you for referrals. Use these printable tags to help you stay remembered at Mardi Gras celebrations.


1. Simply print these cards out in your office or at a localcopy center on thick card stock paper.
2. Cut each tag out and make slits using the marked lines.
3. Attach a beaded necklace using the slits you cut.
4. Tape or glue on your business card so everyone knows who to contact when they have referrals to send you!


  • Page 1: Individual Version
    These are ready for you to hand out to your past and current clients!
  • Page 2: Team Version
    Part of a team? No problem, this printable is for you!
  • Free Download: Mardi Gras Printable Referral Bead Tag
  • Free Download: Mardi Gras Printable Referral Bead Tag

Free Download

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