Friendly Introduction Gift Tags

A great way to get referrals for your business is through people you know. This printable creates that initial introduction for you!

Expand your reach with this new way to get referrals!

Give both of these gift tags out to your clients on pop-bys. The first one is for them to keep, but the second one is meant for your clients to give to their friend or family member that may need your services in the future!

It’s a great way to get introduced to potential clients via people who already know, like, and trust you—all while making a great first impression!


Client Gift Tags
Give this card out to your clients! Individual and team versions are included.

New Friend Gift Tags
Use either the individual or team version and give this to your clients on pop-bys so they can give it to their friends and family!

Instructions for Use
Use these helpful tips to get your pop-by gift cards in the right hands.


Some options to include along with your gift tags on your pop-by:
Individually wrapped cookies
Packaged dessert snacks
Potted succulents

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