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Start with a thoughtfully-designed, high-quality postcard and add in advanced targeting from a targeted mailing list and just like that you have a successful postcard campaign from ReminderMedia!

PLUS! Our team of postcard marketing specialists will walk you through everything you need to get your campaign started. Your campaigns can be fully automated with no extra work on your end!

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Want a way to automate 12 months of postcards in minutes?

That’s exactly how easy the 12-Direct Postcard Campaign is!

ReminderMedia’s 12-Direct Postcard Campaign includes 12 postcards that were hand-selected by our postcard marketing specialist team to bring you, as a real estate agent, results!

The best part is that you can reach hundreds of homeowners in your area on AUTOPILOT with this program! Setup only takes a few minutes, and maintaining your campaign can be completely hands-off!

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