Ep. 87: How to Send Emails to Get More Referrals (with Adam Hightower)


Adam Hightower is a Marketing Advisor for ReminderMedia. He helps our clients get the most out of our products so they can close more deals, earn more referrals, and retain more business.

Today on Stay Paid, Adam shares actionable email and digital marketing tips that you can start using right away—whether or not you’re a ReminderMedia customer.

Key Points:

  • Regardless of how many people read your emails, the key is to connect with your audience, meaningfully and often.
  • You can make an impact by providing personalized, relevant content that speaks to your clients’ interests.
  • Supplement your email marketing efforts by connecting with customers on social media.

Connect more meaningfully.

In talking to customers who use the American Lifestyle digital edition—ReminderMedia’s email marketing solution—Adam says the number one mistake he sees is a lack of consistency.

“The standard email open rate, across all industries, is 18 percent, and many people get discouraged by a 15–20 percent open rate,” he says.

More important than the actual number is what you are doing with those clients. How are you following up? How are you growing those relationships?

ReminderMedia’s platform gives you the name of the people who open your emails. You can call the name of someone who’s opened the email, and then ask them your opinion about what you sent.

Provide relevant content.

Whether you’re marketing digitally or in any other medium, you’re still focused on building relationships and helping people in your community.

“My mom is the biggest knitter. If you put a knitting pattern in the front of your digital edition, of course she’s going to open it,” Adam says. “Email campaigns based on hobbies have an average open rate of 27 percent. If you’re giving people content they actually want, they’re going to open it. And, later on, they’re going to come back to you.”

Download a sample of our customizable marketing tool, American Lifestyle.

You can educate first-time buyers about financial concerns, like refinancing student loans. Get input from a lender who can provide your buyers with useful information, and then use that in the introduction to your digital edition. You can text this directly to your clients, and they’ll have that takeaway for life.

Similarly, you can partner with a local business to give your recipients more information about products and services they can use. You can even share marketing costs with those businesses.

Leverage social media.

In addition to emailing or texting your digital edition to clients, you can also share it to your social media accounts. Social media is a great way to supplement your email marketing and offer the greatest value to your customers.

Here are some ways you can leverage social media to grow your brand:

  • Feature a local business on your Facebook page.
  • Tag your clients in content that relates to them.
  • Use your CRM to keep track of relevant personal information, and then send along content that pertains to those interests.

Remember: direct mail, social media, and email are just the tools. If you use the tools effectively, you’ll get results.


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Action Items:

  • Partner with a local business. You’re giving value to both audiences, increasing your reach, and increasing your referrals.

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