Ep. 421: Overcoming Self-Doubt—Strategies for Building Confidence and Achieving Success

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Conquering Self-Doubt Is Possible When You Follow These Tips

Key idea: The key to reducing the impact of self-doubt is to continue to move forward regardless of it. Your actions may not be technically sound, and you may not achieve your goal in the fastest way but acknowledge your progress and let your accomplishments feed your confidence.

Do you have a habit of doubting yourself? Does it make you feel worse when well-meaning people tell you “stop doubting yourself” and “be confident” (as if it were that simple)?

Even the most accomplished individuals have experienced self-doubt. But the difference between those who push forward in spite of their doubts and those who succumb to them isn’t only courage—it’s also knowing how to silence the self-defeating voice that can keep you from achieving what you most want.

In this week’s Silver Dollar episode, we discuss the ways in which self-doubt can sabotage and distort our view of reality and offer some tangible ways you can quiet your inner critic and boost your confidence.

We review some fascinating research that explains how a person’s lack of expertise can cause them to overestimate their competence while those who shine in a given area tend to underestimate their abilities. We also take a look at imposter syndrome, the persistent doubt that makes us feel like we’re frauds and it’s just a matter of time before everyone figures out that we don’t know what we’re doing. (Did you know Albert Einstein referred to himself as an involuntary swindler?)

Building your confidence isn’t a once-and-done deal, so be patient with yourself. The important thing is being able to recognize those behaviors and triggers that cause you to step back rather than forward and continually practicing the tips we discuss in this episode, which include celebrating small wins, surrounding yourself with positive people, and refusing to compare yourself to others.

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A networking event is one situation where our confidence can waver and our self-doubt can take over. See our blog post, Arrive and Thrive: Networking Event Tips to Put You at Ease, and its accompanying free resource, Small Talk/Networking Scripts, that will help you to prepare for your next networking event.


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