Ep. 420: Real Estate in 2023—The Top Priorities for Agents to Achieve Success

Make Client Events Part of Your Marketing Plan

Key idea: Focus your efforts on a well-defined niche audience whose members are preferably located where you live. Provide content that matters to them, create events that attract local residents, and be a professional resource.

This week’s Stay Paid guests are Lauren Rocco, Jamie Tulak, and Tara McCarthy—the founders of the Girls with Grit Collective. Girls with Grit is a woman’s collaborative that has found a way to create meaningful relationships in which professional agents help each other level up their real estate businesses instead of looking at one another as competition.

Representing nearly 50 years of combined real estate experience in three different markets, Lauren, Jamie, and Tara share their advice for success in what is promising to be a very interesting year in real estate. Their suggestions for 2023 include: selecting a niche from among those who need to buy in spite of higher interest rates, creating messages that focus on your ideal client’s primary needs and how you specifically will meet them, being a resource to your local community, and investing in client events.

Their interview is rich with practical suggestions and details, but in these show notes, we want to bring your attention to what they say about client events.

The average real estate agent isn’t built for rejection

There was a time when internet leads were new. Back then, someone looking to buy or sell a home would sign up on one website and wait for an agent to contact them. It was essentially a one-on-one arrangement. Today, however, that one person is signing up on numerous websites, being contacted by numerous agents, and essentially being sold to numerous times.

As Tara observes, the average agent isn’t built for rejection. They don’t want to follow up with a lead nine or more times, but that’s what’s necessary in today’s world. In part, it’s why neither Tara, Jamie, nor Lauren buys leads.

Tara has built her real estate business with client events. Jamie prefers to do business with people in her community and be continually in front of the same people, so she hosts community events. Among the advantages they experience are:

  • Being able to bring different types of leads and referral sources together, including past clients, friends, and family members.
  • Creating a space where actual clients can talk with prospective clients about their experiences with their respective agent.
  • Having vendor partners cover most, if not all, of the expenses.

We’ve had many previous guests talk about client events and what they’ve done to attract leads and referrals (we’ve collected some of their ideas here). Contrary to what you may assume, these events don’t have to be expensive, grand occasions that require months of planning. They are, however, an opportunity to connect with your list of contacts before, during, and after an event. They also give you the chance to post photos and content to your social media platforms, which extends the life of the affair and gives your brand greater exposure as people comment, tag, and share.

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