Ep. 413: 5 Perfect Emails for Staying Connected with Your Sphere

5 Email Ideas to Get and Keep Clients’ Attention

Key idea: Email is simply another channel through which you can share content with your clients, and we’ve got five tried-and-true types of content that will have your recipients opening, using, keeping, and sharing your emails.

There are several good reasons to use a variety of channels to communicate with your sphere:

  • Your clients won’t all share a preference for the same communication channel.
  • It’ll help you stay in frequent and consistent contact without being overbearing.
  • The more channels you use, the more brand awareness you will generate.

In this Silver Dollar episode of Stay Paid, we’re sharing five types of emails you should be sharing with your sphere to stay top of mind.

1. Market and industry updates

Whether you’re in real estate, financial services, insurance, or another service-based industry, the market and economy are consistently changing the landscape for you and your clients. It doesn’t matter if the changes are far-reaching and significant or relatively short-term and trivial—your clients need your expertise to make sense of it all.

Since you’re already knowledgeable in these matters and your goal is to provide easy-to-understand information, these should be relatively easy emails to write. Use data you have (like industry reports) to explain the change, put it in context, and offer your take on what it may mean. You can agree or disagree with prevailing thought and discuss why. You could also give some general advice about what your clients should consider doing—even if that’s just sitting tight.

These types of emails establish you as an authority and, if you offer clear and helpful advice, help to build trust.

2. Local events and community news

Emails with a local flavor typically have a high open rate, which makes sense since people most often are interested in that which affects them directly. Additionally, if you restrict your communication to business, it gets boring. Think about it this way: if you had a friend who only talked about themselves every time you met, you’d probably start avoiding that friend.

An added advantage to curating a list of local events and community news is that you develop a growing familiarity with what’s happening in your community. You may become inspired to get involved, and if you do, be sure to promote your activities and include them in your content.

3. “The Ask”

It’s okay to send emails that ask your sphere to act on your behalf—you just don’t want to do it too often.

In this episode, we offer several ways you can solicit feedback, referrals, and reviews from your list of recipients. We also include tips for improving your response rate, including when to send feedback surveys (in addition to after a transaction) and what types of campaigns to conduct.

4. Branding

The thing to remember about promoting your brand is that the effects of small efforts done well accumulate over time. That’s why even a relatively low open rate of 10% is significant to your eventual success.

Think of branding emails as visual reminders of your business for your sphere. These emails can address a wide variety of topics and, to distinguish them from emails about your market and industry news, be primarily entertaining.

5. Gratitude

Businesses thank their clients after a transaction and around the holidays, and that’s how it should be. But imagine the impact if you said thank you for no reason other than to let a client know you appreciate them and their business. Even more, imagine the effect of an email that included a personal video message to a client.

During this episode, we provide more details about these five email ideas and offer suggestions for how our Digital Marketing Platform can make keeping in touch easy.  

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