Ep. 397: 7 Science-Based Tips to Make a Great First Impression

Don’t Let Your Body Betray You

Who should listen: Everyone who wants to know how to mindfully create a positive first impression.

Key idea: To ensure a great impression when meeting someone for the first time, be intentional about the messages your body language sends.

We all rely on our first impressions of others. These impressions are valuable tools that help us to interpret others’ behaviors and influence our social interactions. As we mention early in this Silver Dollar episode of Stay Paid, on the most primitive level, first impressions let us know whether a stranger is safe or represents a threat.

If you’re in sales, then it’s obvious that a good first impression is a critical variable in being able to build a positive rapport with a potential client. No rapport and the chance of closing a deal is diminished.

You’ve heard the expression that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Put aside the wordplay, and there’s some real science behind why first impressions stick: our brains are programmed to reinforce those impressions. As we note, our brains will identify and notice behaviors in someone that reinforce our initial impression of them while ignoring anything that contradicts it.

To help ensure that the first impression you make is the one you want to make, we share what researchers have identified as seven aspects of our body language that we can consciously control to create a good first impression:

  • facial expression
  • body posture
  • smile
  • eye contact
  • eyebrow movement
  • verbal cues
  • handshake

Listen to the episode and get the information you need to know what to do to make sure you’re sending the right message to create a great first impression.

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