Ep. 362: Text Your Way to More Transactions

Text Message Marketing for Small Business

Who should listen: This episode is for solopreneurs and small business owners who want to know who they should be texting, what they should be texting to get better engagement, and how to move their conversations from text to voice.

Key idea: With 85% of consumers preferring text over calls and emails, it’s imperative that you build into your marketing a strategy that includes texting as a regular touchpoint.

According to one survey, 93% of respondents regard text as a “trusted communication environment.” Undoubtedly, the low rate of spam texts compared to spam email (2.8% vs. 53%) has contributed to this level of trust.

This is simply one of many compelling facts and behaviors associated with text messages that you will not find in other communication channels, but that can be helpful for small business owners. For example:

  • According to a Gallup poll, texting is the primary way Americans younger than 50 years old communicate. [Source] This finding is also supported by another article that reports 85% of consumers prefer texting over phone calls and email. [Source]
  • An additional study reports that 91% of consumers would opt-in to receive texts from brands. [Source] That’s astonishing considering 55% of consumers completely ignore emails from marketers. [Source]
  • A remarkable 90% of people read the texts they receive within just 3 minutes. [Source]
  • Incredibly, the open rate for text messages is 98% while the response rate is 45%. (The rates for email are 20% and 6%, respectively.) [Source]

All these numbers suggest that if you haven’t made texting an integral part of your marketing plan, you’re missing out on a nearly sure-fire way of connecting one-on-one with customers and clients.

But maybe you already know this, and you’re just struggling with how to manage the whole thing. That’s where we want to help.

As advocates of relationship marketing, it may seem out of character for us to be promoting text message marketing. It sounds so impersonal, but nothing could be further from the truth! That’s because the type of texts we’re suggesting you send are intended to be short and sweet messages sent to a specific individual—we’re not talking about blasting SMS messages to a long list of recipients.

In this week’s Silver Dollar episode, we share the four key groups you should be texting today, along with great suggestions for what to send.

Send texts to the people in your sphere

Essentially, you want to send text messages to everyone in your sphere of influence, including the people in your database. This includes clients, prospects, friends, relatives, colleagues. If you have some form of a relationship with someone, then you need to send that person a text message.

We describe a simple 5-for-5 system that will allow you to methodically work your way through your database.

We also offer three suggestions for what to send that include the quick was just thinking about you; how are you doing text and a spectacular idea that will absolutely leave a lasting impression.

Send texts to past clients

Your past clients are your biggest advocates, and they deserve to be called out as a special group.

You want to keep the conversation going long after they’ve become clients. Keep detailed notes in your database, and use the information you have as prompts for quick texts.

The best text marketing doesn’t come across as marketing at all, but as sincere attempts to nurture a relationship with clients as you would with friends.

Send texts to new leads

When texting new leads, the natural thing is to send is information they need.

Real estate marketing messages should be about new listings. Just offer the essential details—enough to peak their interest so that they text you back. Something like, “I just found a new 3 bed/2 bath in the area you were looking” may be enough for a serious prospect to get back in touch with you.

Insurance text message marketing can follow the same strategy. A message that says, “I’ve got a new killer rate on a policy for that sports car you’re looking at” should do the trick.

And if your prospect is a referral, we’ve got an idea that will practically guarantee a response (and make the referring party feel pretty good too)!

Send texts to old leads

Why send text messages to old leads? Because no one else is doing it!

When a new lead, like a FSBO or expired listing, hits the streets, they’re hearing from everybody. Phone calls, emails, and text messages are in no short supply.

But old leads? Nobody has called them in a while. And you’ve already put money into acquiring them as a lead, so why not send a short text? All you need to say is, “A new listing came across my desk, and it made me think of you. Are you still looking?” A short message like that will bring you back to mind, and you can commit to nurturing that relationship again.

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