Ep. 359: Building Better Client Relationships (with Ron Williams)

Building Customer Relationships

Who should listen: Small business owners and solopreneurs who want practical advice about building client relationships.

Key idea: Relationships with clients must be authentic if they are to last and produce more business.

Ron Williams, owner of Faith, Family, and Finances LLC, has been in the financial and insurance industries for more than two decades and is set to hit $1M in production by the end of the year. Ron will be the first to tell you that he’s been able to build such a successful career because he’s been able to build successful relationships, not just with clients, but with everyone he has an opportunity to meet.

In today’s episode, we get to talk with Ron about his thoughts on relationship marketing, how he implements its principles with his own sphere of influence, and what strategies he’s used to succeed where other insurance and financial professionals have failed.

Relationship marketing: Ron makes clear that relationships must be about bringing value to others.

You must be sincere in your desire to help, authentic in wanting to be of service, and committed to routinely communicating with others about what’s important to them and not just about business. If your relationships are built on that foundation, then, when the time is right, people will not hesitate to offer you referrals and repeat business.

Implementing the principles: Whatever your system, you need a way to keep track of the people with whom you have relationships.

For most professionals, and Ron is no exception, a CRM is an effective way to keep on top of connections and interactions. This kind of tracking is a practical necessity, but it doesn’t stop Ron from doing what friends normally do. If he thinks about a client during the day, he makes a point of calling to say hi. It’s the unexpected and personal touchpoints that make a lasting impression.

Strategies for success: When we asked Ron why he has managed to succeed where so many others have failed, his response was immediate—they make it harder than it is. His advice is to follow the systems and procedures that have been put in place, maintain a productive work ethic, be patient, and not compare yourself to others.

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