Agents Are on the Move: What It Takes to Keep Yours


New real estate report reveals unexpected trends. Discover what they are, why they’re happening, and what they may mean for agents and brokers.

Relitix just released its April Agent Movement Index, and it’s got a few surprises.

Oddly, despite the real estate market’s shrinking inventory and other challenges, the number of active agents is on the rise. And agent churn is picking up steam too. While broker changes are common, April saw a surge greater than what was seen in March. (That’s only happened a few times before.)

Curious what’s behind these trends? Join us to uncover:

  • The forces fueling these shifts and what they mean for agents and brokerages alike.
  • Why agents jump ship and what they should prioritize when searching for a new brokerage.
  • The dead giveaways of a superstar agent.

Plus, we’ll share our hottest marketing and sales strategy for the week ahead.

Enjoy this episode’s conversation, and thanks for listening!

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