Customer Story: “American Lifestyle Magazine Made the Difference.”

I have received more benefit from American Lifestyle magazine than any other marketing campaign I have ever used. I’ve been sending the magazine to my clients, prospects, and friends for years with results that continue to amaze me. Several months ago, I began discussions with a prospective home seller who was moving into adult living…. Read more »

Make These Types of Videos on Facebook

One of the biggest and to be honest, most frustrating, mysteries of the social media world is the Facebook algorithm. For those of you who don’t realize, Facebook utilizes secret algorithms to determine what any of their users see in their newsfeed at a given time. In layman’s terms, if you were to post, some… Read more »


The Benefits of Pinterest for Real Estate Agents

If you’ve ever scoured a loved one’s Pinterest boards for gift ideas, you know the site can be a treasure trove of insight into people’s interests, including what they’re looking for in their dream home. As a real estate agent, there is immense opportunity in sites like Pinterest and Houzz to better understand your clients—their… Read more »

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How Advisors Can Increase Retention with the 80/20 Rule

When you work in financial services, it can be extremely difficult to juggle all of your responsibilities at once. To keep your business afloat, you need to work to attract new prospects while frequently touching base with existing customers—not to mention all the hard work you put into actually managing wealth. On top of all… Read more »


Product Toolkit: Promotional Copies

ReminderMedia wants to keep our clients up to date on all the greatest tactics for using our products. In the third installment of our Above the Noise: Product Tool Kit series, Marketing Services Team Facilitator, Kaitlyn Burke reviews how you can use American Lifestyle magazine’s Promotional Copies to leave a lasting impression while prospecting. Video… Read more »

The Newest Chapter in the Zillow Controversy

A few weeks ago, I asked a question on an open real estate forum. “What do Real Estate Agents think about Zestimates?” The response was largely negative, with most agents claiming that the pricing algorithms miss the mark so badly that the feature should be removed from the site altogether. There was, however, a minority… Read more »

How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh?

Enough to break the ice! (ba dum tsh) “Speaking of polar bears, have you read the article on them in the most recent issue of American Lifestyle that I sent you?” I know. It’s corny. But this icebreaker (submitted by our very talented production artist, Chelsea) is just one of the many ways you can start… Read more »

How to Hold Your Team Accountable

How to Hold Your Team Accountable

Anyone who grows a team wants to get the best possible performance from the people they hire. Otherwise, your company won’t scale the way you want it to. But while every business has dreams of becoming more successful, too many aren’t prepared to do what it takes to get the next level. I’m talking about… Read more »

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Why You Need to Embrace Adversity

There’s no getting around it: change is uncomfortable. But it’s also the path to greatness. If you’re serious about becoming successful, you need to learn to embrace being uncomfortable. The only way to grow, personally and professionally, is to step into the unknown. Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a… Read more »


Ep. 343: How One Agent Recovered After Losing Half His Team

 Sh*t Happens Who should listen: Any agent wanting to avoid at least one major business pitfall, discover some valuable lessons in marketing, and benefit from an easy-as-you-please cold-call script. Key idea: No one, at no point in their career, is immune from being thrown off-guard. The trick is what you do afterward to recover…. Read more »

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How to Become a Pro at Door Knocking

Door knocking is a really divisive practice among real estate agents. Many swear by it, while others prefer to stay as far away from it as possible. But, when it comes to making personal connections within your geographic farm, door knocking is still one of the most effective techniques you can use. The key is… Read more »