Holiday Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Top 5 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

It’s December, which means the holiday season is officially upon us! Keep reading for five holiday marketing ideas that will keep you top of mind through this holly, jolly season (and beyond). Surprise your clients with something sweet. This holiday season, most of your competitors will try to stay top of mind with things like… Read more »


The Many Hats of a REALTOR®

Have you ever read a description for a job you really wanted, only to scroll to the bottom and see a subtle disclaimer that explains that your day-to-day duties may be different from the above description? In which case, you have the option to not apply, and move on to the next job, or, you… Read more »

COVID-19 postcard with instructions to make disinfecting wipes

5 Examples of COVID-19 Postcards for Agents

Agents need a quick but effective way to nurture relationships within their sphere. COVID-19 postcards for agents are an economical and efficient solution. If you listen to some of the top real estate podcasts that have been streaming during the last six to eight weeks, you’ll hear experts advising their listeners to keep their marketing… Read more »

Ep. 142: Luke and Josh –3 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Busy Agents in 2020

 On this episode of Stay Paid, Luke and Josh discuss their top three ideas that busy agents should be using to market their business this year. Key Points: Facebook marketing can drive leads and create brand awareness for your business. Don’t be afraid to ask clients to review and refer you. High-quality print pieces… Read more »


Ep. 299: How a Little Science Can Wildly Increase Prospect Engagement (with Bill Cates)

 Want to Increase Your Referrals and Client Acquisitions? Ask a Neuroscientist. Who should listen: Financial advisors, insurance brokers, real estate agents, and other solopreneurs who want to connect more strongly with their audience, increase the effectiveness of their marketing, and earn more referrals. Key idea: Adopt the perspective of your audience so that you… Read more »

Don’t Let Them Take Your Love

Frustration with another person can take an immense toll on your productivity and general well-being. It is usually not that long until frustration turns into anger, and anger tends to build inside of us the more we bottle it up. When we view the world through a lens tinted with irritability, the negativity spreads and… Read more »

How Financial Advisors Can Retain Female and Next-Generation Clients [Free Ebook]

If a business reported that they couldn’t reach half of their client market, you’d probably think, “That business is in serious trouble.” That’s exactly what is happening with most financial advisors. It seems like every few months another article comes about how advisors have trouble connecting with female clients. And they aren’t doing much better… Read more »

How to Keep Buyer Morale High

The process of buying a home can be a real roller-coaster experience. Expectations build in the hearts of buyers—after a long search, they might think they have finally found the home of their dreams. Offers are made, inspections are conducted, and at the last moment something goes wrong and the whole deal falls through. This… Read more »

Why Giving American Lifestyle Magazine as a Gift Works

In an industry where relationship management is one of the main pillars, client perception is crucial. To increase their image, agents provide gifts to clients for various occasions—closings, holidays, and special events. From signs that display a homeowner’s new address to baskets of delicious baked goods, the gift options seem to be endless. However, if… Read more »

Increase Engagement with Hashtags and Geotags

Increasing your engagement on social media can be tough, especially when you don’t know where to start. When used in a genuine and organic way, hashtags and geotags can help bring people to your page and, more importantly, get them to follow you. Start building up your brand by integrating more hashtags and geotags into… Read more »

Tips for a Successful Virtual Open House

When it comes to throwing a successful open house, it’s important to offer your attendees both value and convenience. One of the best ways to do this is by allowing potential buyers to attend from the comfort of wherever they are.   Today on Above the Noise, Luke Acree gives three tips for hosting an… Read more »


REALTORS® & Renters: A Winning Combination

“You’re either paying your own mortgage, or you’re paying someone else’s.” That sobering fact, wisely stated by a real estate agent and friend of mine, was all it took to get me thinking about homeownership. I’ve been renting, in some form or fashion, since I was 18 years old. The agent called attention to the… Read more »