Why Waiting For Referrals Doesn’t Work

Many people who rely on referrals for business are deluding themselves. And it’s costing them. Here’s how they view the referral process: You do a great job for clients. > They enthusiastically tell all their friends and colleagues. > The referrals come pouring in. Here’s what really happens: You do a great job for clients…. Read more »

The Perfect Lead Gen System for You

There are a ton of lead generation systems for service-based sales professionals. Most systems have some unique value, but if you want to see significant ROI, then you need to carry out these three actions with any system you choose to invest in if you want to see profit. Video Transcription Alright so it doesn’t… Read more »

The Real Stages of a Sales Funnel

I like to summarize the stages of a relationship between a salesperson and a prospect with a simple acronym, CARR. These are the four stages that occur as you advance a potential client through your funnel. When you come to terms with the negative parts of this process, then you can start to get comfortable… Read more »


Ep. 371: How to Create a Magnetic Authentic Brand

 What Attracts Also Repels Who should listen: Solopreneurs who need to develop their own leads and want to solve problems they love to solve for the type of clients they love to help. Key idea: Business isn’t B2C or B2B. Rather, business is H2H—human to human. People do business with people; social media is… Read more »

How to Take a Professional Headshot Without Paying for One

Once you’ve created a piece of marketing for your business—whether that’s a business card, website, or a beautiful 48-page coffee table publication—it becomes the default first impression your brand will make on countless potential customers. Out of everything on your Facebook page, one of the first things most people notice is your profile picture. In… Read more »

Philabundance Food Drive 2011

ReminderMedia and Its Employees Donate Over $2,000 in Food and Cash Donations to Local Food Bank This Holiday Season ReminderMedia teamed with Philabundance for a company-sponsored food drive in support of their motto, “Driving hunger our communities.” ReminderMedia proudly delivered nearly 1,000 pounds of food for this year’s food drive. With employee cash and food… Read more »

Not What You Say, But How You Say It

Sales is all about communication. When you look at top-producers across every industry, communication skills are one of the few things that unites them all. To be able to take an idea and express it convincingly is the foundation of the craft. We might think our pitches are the most essential part. If we can… Read more »

Analyze the Intent of Your Customers

Deep down, what do your clients really want? They obviously want to buy or sell a house. But any good real estate agent knows that a client wants so much more than four walls and a roof. Home ownership has a lot of meaning to the people making the purchase or sale. No two clients are… Read more »

Ep. 2: Dominate Your Community—Become Industry Synonymous

The greatest achievement of any service-based sales professional is to become industry synonymous. Being industry synonymous is an apex. It means that when someone thinks about your field, you are the personification of the word. You have made yourself known, cultivated your sphere, and reached the top of your game. You need to market yourself… Read more »


Ep. 337: How to Build Trust with Clients (with René Rodriguez)

 Building Trust with Clients Who should listen: This episode is for salespeople who are curious about what neuroscience can teach them about influencing behavior and building trust with their clients. Key idea: The only thing that makes providers of the same service different from one another is the unique customer experience they can provide… Read more »

Ep. 1: How to Build a Profitable Database

Everybody in sales has some form of a database, even if it is just the contacts in your phone. But at ReminderMedia, we often quote the adage, “Your net-worth is in your network.” Every person you know, every person you interact with, should be recorded in an organized database. At ReminderMedia, we work with service… Read more »

Ep. 52: How to Overcome Any Sales Objection

Objections are a common occurrence in sales. While they can deter even the seasoned salesperson, there’s no reason to let them stand in your way. In today’s episode of Stay Paid, Josh and Luke break down the process of overcoming any objection by using the Acknowledge, Isolate, and Overcome process. Key Points    The key… Read more »