Ep. 276: Our Secrets for Selling at Conferences and Trade Shows

 Conference Vendors’ Insider Tips to Sell More at Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows, and Expos Who should listen: Professionals who use conferences and trade shows as part of their marketing and sales strategies. Key idea: Careful planning, execution, and postconference follow-up are the keys to making your attendance at conferences and trade shows a success…. Read more »


Why You Need Personality and Systems to Succeed

Real estate agents get a lot of unfair criticism for putting their faces on all their marketing. But here’s the thing: When you’re an agent, it’s important for people to recognize your face. Personalized marketing is what builds trust and brands you as the local expert in your market. Of course, some agents think it’s… Read more »

Improving Client Relations for Your Business

If you’ve lived in the same place for some time, it’s likely that you frequent certain restaurants, shops, and other businesses. Over time, you’ve probably built a close relationship with the owners and employees. You may even be on a first name basis, know about each other’s families, and have a general interest in their… Read more »

How to Build Rapport and Create Relationships

When it comes to setting yourself up for long-term success, the key is building relationships that result in more repeat business and referrals. But how do you create those kinds of relationships in the first place? In order to connect with a customer in a lasting way, you need to start by establishing rapport. What… Read more »

The Most Important Question to Ask

Most people only need a real estate agent a handful of times throughout their life. Shopping for property isn’t like shopping for groceries. There are usually years, sometimes decades, in between purchases. Staying top of mind all that time might seem impossible. It isn’t about constantly being in front of the prospect. It’s about making… Read more »


Kill Prospects with Kindness During a Sales Call

Kindness is a trait that we all aspire to possess. Whether it’s to our friends and family or to random strangers, being courteous can not only make us feel better about ourselves, but also help us get further in life. However, when it comes to a cutthroat industry like sales, compassion oftentimes gets thrown out… Read more »

Top 5 Client Appreciation and Gratitude Strategies

When your goal is to earn a steady stream of new business from your past clients, you need to make gratitude a cornerstone of your outreach. But sending a thank-you email simply doesn’t cut it anymore. In order to stay top of mind with your customers, you need to be willing to go the extra… Read more »

4 Can’t-Miss Tips for Promoting Your Event on Facebook

When you’re planning to host an event related to your business, Facebook provides excellent opportunities for getting the word out. To get started, simply navigate to your Facebook business page and scroll down to where you would normally create a new post. Select “Event” and then follow the instructions on your screen. Be sure to specify… Read more »


Making Sense of a Confused Client

You’ve been working with a client for weeks, maybe even months, to no avail. Just when you feel like you’re making headway, the client changes their mind or expresses their hesitation, and just like that you’re back at square one. It feels like a waste of your time and theirs, but you persist anyway because… Read more »

The Power of Belief

Many of us are not lucky enough to represent a product we love when we take our first sales job. Instead, we hype steak knives or exaggerate the quality of used cars. These are the proving grounds that churn out salespeople—boot camps where we learn what we’re made of. We get a taste of the… Read more »

Spring-Focused Email Marketing Ideas

Springtime is ideal for change. The warmer weather and longer days can help cultivate new business ideas. This spring, use these ideas to refresh your email marketing campaigns. From leveraging holidays to promoting seasonal discounts, breathe new life into your emails this season with a few simple tactics. Revamp your newsletter. There’s a good chance… Read more »

Customer Story: “It’s a Quality Piece”

For clients to remember Andy Berglund, he knows that he has to stay top-of-mind for years at a time. No matter how amazing your service was, if you don’t stay in touch with past clients, they are bound to forget who you are. In the real estate game, being forgotten is a terrible fate. Andy… Read more »