The Do’s and Don’ts of Letter Writing

Crafting your personalized letter in your copies of American Lifestyle magazine is what sets you apart from the competition. These are your words and can be what helps you stay top of mind when someone is going to buy or sell their home. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind when crafting your inside cover… Read more »

Privacy Protection and Online Safety for Real Estate Transactions

There was once a time where contracts were handwritten, stacked on desks or in car trunks, and stored in unlocked file cabinets at the office. However, overtime, information has become more and more valuable–and, therefore, is more prone to theft and fraudulent activity. Part of your role as a real estate professional is to ensure… Read more »

Ep. 220: The Key to Cold Calling is Confidence

 How to Build Confidence and Watch Your Cold Calling Success Rate Skyrocket Cold calling is easy. It’s the stuff leading up to it that’s tough. In 2018, a California-based sales training company released the results of a study that reported 53% of sales professionals (that’s more than half!) give up too easily when cold… Read more »

Ep. 151: Jay Baer – NYT Best-Selling Author Jay Baer on Why Sales Is About Help, Not Hype

 Talk about turning marketing on its head!! Jay Baer preaches Youtility. In short, Jay wants you to give away what you know. For free. The key to getting attention, demonstrating goodwill, building trust, developing a reputation, and eventually earning back all the good things you’ve done in the form of profitable business, is by… Read more »


Whose Name Is It Anyway? A Guide to Personal Branding

Think of any established brand—Starbucks, for example—and immediately a distinct image comes to mind. Whether it’s the recognizable white cup with the familiar green siren, or the image of a cozy coffee shop with local patrons, Starbucks has established a brand for themselves, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In 2011, the Seattle-based… Read more »

Ep. 246: 5 Consumer Trends That Are Rocking It in 2021

 Tips to Make 2021 Consumer Behavior Work for You Who should listen: This episode is for brands and retailers wanting to be on the cutting edge of the hottest trending consumer behaviors of 2021. Key idea: For today’s consumers, “value” means far more than getting what you paid for. Action item: Consider and change,… Read more »

Why You Need to Stop Using a Facebook Profile for Business

If you are still using your personal Facebook profile to market yourself or your business, you need to stop. Immediately. Not only are you missing out on the many benefits that Facebook provides business pages, but you’re also violating Facebook policy. The terms clearly state the following information: “You will not use your personal timeline… Read more »


Ep. 266: 8 Videos Every Business Should Be Filming

 Video Marketing for REALTORS® Creating a marketing video for your real estate business can be easy. These are the 8 types you’ll want to film. Who should listen: Real estate agents and other entrepreneurs who want to add videos to their marketing toolbox, but aren’t sure what types of videos they need and how… Read more »

A wall of bookshelves filled with books sitting at all angles with a large double door in the center of the wall

Top 10 Books Financial Advisors Should Read in 2021

There are several probable reasons why you’ve clicked on this article: You’re a financial advisor who knows that the difference between professionals and amateurs is that professionals work to stay on top of their game—and that includes reading the words of other successful professionals. You want some guidance to help you wade through the huge… Read more »

Ep 55: Creating a WOW Experience for Your Clients

Think of an experience you’ve had with a business that really made you say “WOW.” What does it take to make that happen? In this episode of Stay Paid, Josh and Luke discuss what makes a client experience successful, why trust and connection is important, and how technology plays a role in understanding your customer… Read more »