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iBuyers vs. Agents: Is This a War Agents Can Win?

There’s no denying that the real estate industry has been poised for some radical changes that have now been made manifest. The rising popularity of ibuyers programs like Zillow Offers is one of those changes. ibuyers aren’t new. They’ve been around since 1989, when HomeVestors of America was founded. (HomeVestors is the parent company of… Read more »

Ep. 147: Anthony Sarandrea – Understanding Your Buyer to Drive Leads Online with Anthony Sarandrea

 Anthony Sarandrea is recognized as one of the top lead generators in the world—running a team that specializes in driving thousands of inbound phone calls daily across a number of verticals, including health, finance, and education. He’s consistently featured as one of the top under 30 year old entrepreneurs, and was featured alongside Snapchat’s… Read more »

"Write about what you're passionate about" - Christy Murdock Edgar, real estate writer, on Stay Paid podcast

Ep 118: Christy Murdock Edgar – Content Marketing Tips from a Real Estate Writer

   Christy Murdock Edgar is a nationally-recognized real estate writer who creates content for some of the industry’s biggest names. She also consults on content marketing strategies for companies nationwide, and has a regular column for Inman News. Today on Stay Paid, Christy offers tangible content marketing advice that you can use to grow… Read more »

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10 Best Ways to Connect with Younger Buyers

According to NAR’s mid-year demographic survey, the average real estate agent is a 55-year-old white female who attended college and is a homeowner. By contrast, the median age of first-time homebuyers is 33. That means that real estate professionals may not be plugged in to the platforms and processes that make for effective marketing and… Read more »


A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Building a Personal Marketing Plan

Building a personal marketing plan can be a challenge, even if it’s only because not everyone understands what a personal marketing plan is. It’s not unusual to find writers and marketers using a variety of industry terms imprecisely. You’ll even find cases where they use words and terms with different meanings interchangeably. Words such as… Read more »


Here’s How You Can Use Facebook for Customer Service Purposes

While Facebook’s recent algorithm update has been detrimental to organic content, it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo using the platform for customer service purposes. In today’s episode of Above the Noise, our social media manager, Andrea shares three tips to help you leverage Facebook to provide your clients with impeccable customer service. Video… Read more »


Ep. 248: Your Biggest Marketing Pain Point Resolved

 How to Stay Consistent Across Your Small Business Marketing Strategy Who should listen: This episode is for anyone who struggles to remain consistent in their marketing and is looking for a solution. Key idea: Branding consistency is about more than your brand. Action item: Examine your clients’ experience. Put yourself in their shoes, and… Read more »

The Best Content Marketing Tips for Every Social Media Platform

The Best Content Marketing Tips for Every Social Media Platform in 2020

When it comes to content marketing on social media, one size does not fit all. For many businesses, a platform-driven approach to content marketing means sharing the same content everywhere in slightly different packaging—maybe leading with a different stock photo or changing up a couple words in the social media copy, then calling it a… Read more »

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How to Get Real Estate Leads in 2020

An exodus from cities wracked by COVID-19 and a growing trend toward new work from home policies are creating big opportunities for real estate agents. My mother always says that if you look long and hard enough, you’ll find something good in every situation. But the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged her fortitude, as well as… Read more »

5 Tips New Luxury Agents Need for Marketing Luxury Homes

You don’t tell people you’re the best. You reveal it. According to Tim Seifert, SVP and head of annuity sales at Lincoln Financial Distributors, 50% of affluent consumers are brand neutral.[1] Let me repeat that . . . HALF of all affluent consumers are brand neutral. This means affluent clients are as likely to keep… Read more »

The Best Closing Phrases for Any Deal

In any sales situation, there comes a moment when the time feels right to go for the close. While there is no single magic phrase that will guarantee a sale, there are some time-tested lines that can help you get results. Here are six highly effective closing phrases you can use to close your next… Read more »


The Best Real Estate Postcards for Farming

At some point, every real estate agent asks the same question . . . Do postcards still work in real estate? Of course they do! If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be a boatload of blogs written about them answering all sorts of questions: What is a real estate postcard? What is a farming postcard? What… Read more »