Ep. 134: Kim Angeli – Post-Pandemic Prep: Why Agents Should Join Nextdoor

 Kim Angeli is the founder and president of Grateful Box, a company on a mission to help people drive an attitude of gratitude. The company also assists business owners in developing a raving fan plan—connecting with the clients beyond the transaction. On today’s episode of Stay Paid, Kim talks about the ways she has… Read more »

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10 Best Ways to Connect with Younger Buyers

According to NAR’s mid-year demographic survey, the average real estate agent is a 55-year-old white female who attended college and is a homeowner. By contrast, the median age of first-time homebuyers is 33. That means that real estate professionals may not be plugged in to the platforms and processes that make for effective marketing and… Read more »

How to Get Out of a Rut

So, you’re in a rut. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. You might feel unmotivated or uninspired. Maybe you begin to question the career path you’ve chosen. When you get into this type of mindset, it can feel tough to get out. 2018 was a difficult year for me, personally. Our… Read more »

Can You Be Too Social?

Nowadays there seems to be a mad rush for businesses to be active on every social media platform. We’ve heard that being social is the key to building a rapport with your current and potential customers, so it’s become a part of our every day life. However, have you ever wondered if there’s a thing… Read more »

Ep. 35: Finding Success at a Networking Event

Ah, networking. When it comes to business, it’s something you just can’t do without. Not only is networking the foundation of any relationship, it’s a profitable way to help businesses generate leads. But, it all boils down to acing a networking event. In today’s episode of Stay Paid, Josh and Luke break down what to… Read more »

Ep. 64: Creating a Proactive Customer Experience

Are you giving your customers an experience they’ll remember? There’s a big difference between providing basic customer service and creating an exceptional experience that’s truly worth talking about.   On this week’s episode of Stay Paid, hosts Josh Stike and Luke Acree are joined by Mike Graziola, the VP of Operations and Client Success for… Read more »

The Key to Your Business is Your Target Audience

Every time you go on social media or surf the web, you probably notice that the majority of the ads you see seem oddly specific to things you just searched for. This is not a coincidence. In today’s market, our choices are immense. It’s difficult for businesses to stand out, and that’s why these targeted… Read more »


The Winning Social Media Formula

As an agent, being active on social media can be vital to your success. While sharing a picture of your latest listing is simple, developing a valuable strategy requires a little patience and a lot of knowledge about your target audience. Combining who you’re intended clients are with the benefits of each social platform will… Read more »

Ep. 184: Top 5 Actions Entrepreneurs Should Take Every Day

 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs The Daily Routine A quick internet search will return more than enough results to produce a comprehensive list of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs who succeed, there’s no doubt that a great idea that meets a market need, sufficient capital, and sheer luck play a role. But just… Read more »