8 Tips for Starting Your Professional Facebook Page

If you’re thinking about creating a professional Facebook page but are unsure of where to start, don’t worry—you’re not alone. As anyone familiar with the site will tell you, Facebook changes and evolves its features regularly. It can be a proverbial moving target for marketers who are trying to find the best steps to set… Read more »


Ep. 271: How to play and WIN the content game (with Jimmy Mackin)

The New Apple Privacy Rule: What Are Marketers Supposed to Do Now? Who should listen: Entrepreneurs looking for ways to use content marketing effectively and efficiently as a direct-to-consumer strategy. Key idea: The writing is on the wall—privacy laws will continue to hamper the effectiveness of push marketing. The best alternative is to attract… Read more »

Why You Need to Stop Using a Facebook Profile for Business

If you are still using your personal Facebook profile to market yourself or your business, you need to stop. Immediately. Not only are you missing out on the many benefits that Facebook provides business pages, but you’re also violating Facebook policy. The terms clearly state the following information: “You will not use your personal timeline… Read more »

Ep. 134: Kim Angeli – Post-Pandemic Prep: Why Agents Should Join Nextdoor

 Kim Angeli is the founder and president of Grateful Box, a company on a mission to help people drive an attitude of gratitude. The company also assists business owners in developing a raving fan plan—connecting with the clients beyond the transaction. On today’s episode of Stay Paid, Kim talks about the ways she has… Read more »

Ep. 136: Paul Coan–Can Financial Advisors Beat the Market?

 Paul Coan is the founder and CEO of Ploutos Weath, a strategy platform for financial advisors, helping them to develop portfolios that perform while allowing them to keep complete control—freeing them up to focus on new and existing clients. He is also the author of Asset Protection & Wealth Preservation: A Guide to Help… Read more »

How to Explain the End of Zillow Offers to Your Clients

For many real estate professionals, Zillow often seems to represent an existential threat to their businesses, and to the industry as a whole. The scale of their influence and impact, as well as their online dominance, have long been a source of frustration for agents and brokers. The launch of their iBuyer, Zillow Offers, in… Read more »

Ep 81: Increase Your Income with Gratitude (with Kim Angeli)

  Kim Angeli is the founder and president of Grateful Box, a company she started in 2016 after selling her insurance business for 600 percent profit. Her goal is to help salespeople think beyond the transaction, and to encourage people to connect outside of social media. Today on Stay Paid, Kim reveals how gratitude and… Read more »


To Buy or Sell: 2018 Housing Market Forecast

Lack of supply and an increase in demand over the last few years has made the housing market ideal for selling. Prices have been kept relatively high by this lack of inventory and a flood of first-time buyers, and 2018 looks like it will bring more of the same. Millennials are now leading the home-buying… Read more »

A client reads a real estate blog on his laptop

Top 12 Real Estate Blogs to Share with Clients

If you’re looking to keep your social media audience engaged, you need to regularly check in with relevant, meaningful content that speaks to their lives. Many real estate agents are tempted to flood their Facebook timelines with their own listings and little else. This is a big mistake. When your clients are actively looking to… Read more »


Ep. 283: US Ambassador of Entrepreneurship Talks about Marketing’s Cutting Edge

 How to Produce High-Converting Content Who should listen: Entrepreneurs and small-business owners wanting expert advice and useful resources for maximizing the potential of their marketing, especially email and content marketing. Key idea: Personalization is essential to successful marketing, and the technology exists to make it easier than ever to implement. Action items: 1) Use… Read more »

Which Companies Scored a Marketing Touchdown?

If you haven’t heard (or if you’ve been living under a rock), this year’s NFL Championship Game was historic. Between the Cinderella story of the Philadelphia Eagles’ season and the nail-biter of the game, the event is sure to be a topic of conversation for months to come. While I can appreciate a good rivalry,… Read more »

Ep. 181: Why Andy Dane Carter Tripled His Marketing Budget

 If You Want to Build Brand Recognition, You’ve Got to Stay in the Game The two questions listeners of Stay Paid most often ask are, “How do I consistently get leads?” and “How do I become a top producer?” Our answer to both questions is always the same, and it’s amazing (and gratifying) how… Read more »