A New Contributor For ReminderMedia

As we continue to expand our digital content offerings for our clients, we have also been working hard to make sure the content we are providing is the most valuable information possible. The goal of the American Lifestyle and Start Healthy websites is to provide the perfect content for our clients to share with their… Read more »

Being a Strong Leader: Inc. Women’s Summit 2016

As women, the leadership role does not always come easy. Though it is far easier today than in the past, an overwhelming majority of leadership positions are still filled by men—especially in the business world. At the 2016 Inc. Women’s Summit, which took place on November 3 in New York City, powerful female business leaders… Read more »

Ep. 206: The Golden-est Nuggets of the Year

 Business Advice for Entrepreneurs We’ve collected the best business advice for entrepreneurs from some of the most successful, entertaining, and insightful Stay Paid guests of the year. For this week’s episode of Stay Paid, Luke and Josh combed through the interviews of 2020. Each committed to picking three of his favorites. The result is… Read more »

How to Create a Winning Logo

Your logo is the testament to your personal brand. A great logo can help inspire prospects, and bring you success. On the contrary, a poor logo can be nothing short of disastrous. But, what exactly should be considered when designing a logo? We figured we’d get some insight from a few professionals! Our Creative Services… Read more »

Customer Story: “It’s Not Just Tossed in the Trash”

Nicole Kittredge understands the importance of building a personal brand in the mortgage industry, and it can be tough to keep her name top of mind while cultivating her brand. American Lifestyle magazine is the perfect vehicle to expand her presence to the people who matter most. Nicole talks about how American Lifestyle magazine is… Read more »


What the Predictive Index Can Tell You About Your Salespeople

While making the decision to expand your sales team is an exciting one, it’s only the first step. Next comes the taxing effort of recruiting someone. We all know that finding the perfect salesperson can be a hefty investment of both your time and money. So, how can you ensure that you’re making the right… Read more »

Ep. 58: Interview with Bill Good: The Art of Gaining Referrals

  In this episode of Stay Paid, Josh and Luke chat with Bill Good, chairman of Bill Good Marketing. Good is a marketing entrepreneur, the author of two books, and a prospecting expert who shares his secrets on how to succeed in the business. Key Points How Bill helped train people to approach sales… Read more »

Ep: 72: Interview with Daniel Collison: How Financial Advisors Can Become Referable

  Daniel Collison is a certified financial planner and in-demand coach with more than 25 years of experience in his field. He’s also the author of the book, The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Excellence. Today on Stay Paid, Daniel offers strategies for pain-free prospecting and discusses how financial advisors can get referrals without needing to… Read more »

Ep 83: Conquer Social Media Without Spending a Dime (with Katie Lance)

  Katie Lance is the CEO and cofounder of Katie Lance Consulting. A nationally renowned speaker on digital marketing topics, she’s responsible for creating Inman’s Ambassadors program, as well as her own Social Smart Academy. Today on Stay Paid, Katie explains how you can use social media to build client relationships and transform your business—offering… Read more »

A financial advisor holding a newspaper and a briefcase

How Advisors Can Increase Retention with the 80/20 Rule

When you work in financial services, it can be extremely difficult to juggle all of your responsibilities at once. To keep your business afloat, you need to work to attract new prospects while frequently touching base with existing customers—not to mention all the hard work you put into actually managing wealth. On top of all… Read more »