Real estate agent in front of home speaking to a family of mom, dad, young boy, and young girl

How to Get Real Estate Leads in 2020

An exodus from cities wracked by COVID-19 and a growing trend toward new work from home policies are creating big opportunities for real estate agents. My mother always says that if you look long and hard enough, you’ll find something good in every situation. But the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged her fortitude, as well as… Read more »

Ep. 154: Keith Gregg – How This CEO Built His Business on Partnerships

 Generosity + Empathy + Gratitude = Entrepreneurial Success This equation might strike you as a solution to humanity’s shortcomings, but entrepreneurial success? No so much. Unless you’re Keith Gregg. Key Points The biggest lead-generating opportunity for financial advisors is to provide compassion and empathy to those who aren’t getting it from their current advisor…. Read more »

A laptop, tuned to a recipe video from American Lifestyle magazine

Top 10 Recipe Videos to Share with Your Clients

It can be tough work keeping your social media followers engaged. Whichever platforms you’re using to promote your business, the odds are high that your clients and prospects are already wading through dozens of posts from their friends, family, and other businesses. With so much happening at once, it can be difficult for you to… Read more »

Ep. 213: How to Scale Your Business with Joey Gilkey

 How to Build Sales Operations for Small Businesses You’re a small business owner, but you have dreams of scaling your business into a serious money maker, one where the gross profit line includes eight zeros. Of course, this means increasing your sales revenue, which naturally leads you to consider finding, hiring, and training more… Read more »


Ep. 265: How to Lead, Hire, and Build Wealth (with Dana Gentry & Linda McKissack)

 3 Top Tips for How to Become a Better Leader Who should listen: Anyone who wants some truly fantastic advice about leadership and agents who want more successful businesses. Key ideas: There are so many!! Action items: 1. Discover the vision your direct reports have for themselves. 2. Develop a 3- to 5-year vision… Read more »

Ep. 46: Become One with Your Community: Local Expert Tips

Have you ever come across a local professional who lacks local knowledge? Not only is it frustrating, it can deter you from using their services. In this episode of Stay Paid, Josh and Luke discuss why it’s so important for service-based sales professionals to establish themselves as a local expert and how to go about… Read more »

smart goals

5 Most Powerful SMART Goals for Real Estate Agents in 2021

Were you effective at meeting your goals this year? Check out our SMART goals list for 2020 to see how you did. Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution only to forget about it within hours or days? In many cases, that’s because your resolution was too vague. “Lose weight” or “learn a new… Read more »

Ep. 36: How to Build Your Email Marketing List

Many assume that email is dead, but we’re here to prove otherwise! Think about this: your email list—if built properly—may be the one marketing source that is truly yours to own. And even with all of the new ways we have to generate leads in sales today, email is still the king of marketing ROI… Read more »

Don’t Head Back to School without Issue 71 of American Lifestyle Magazine

Issue 71 of American Lifestyle magazine hits homes just as families are winding down their summer breaks and preparing to send kids back to school. The mentality associated with transitioning from summer to fall always comes with the sense of getting back to the grind, a slower pace, and a more steadier schedule. You’ll feel… Read more »