Ep. 166: Tips for Networking During Virtual Events

 With shaking hands no longer an option, knowing how to meet people online is your next best bet. Virtual events and conferences have exploded in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, and there is no indication that the trend will reverse.[i] There are, after all, a large number of benefits to meeting virtually,… Read more »


Ep. 249: 3 Ways to Stay Relevant Amid Increasing Technology (with Mike McGlothlin)

 How to Stay Relevant When Technology Threatens Your Job Who should listen: This episode is for financial advisors, real estate agents, and other small business owners wanting to know the way to long-term business success in a world of increasing DIY technologies. Key idea: Deep knowledge of your business, providing value and building trust,… Read more »

The Darker Side of a Career in Sales

Making sales calls, selling products door to door, and even dealing in real estate, are all professions that are bound to leave you with some downright disturbing stories. Whether you’ve been on the other end of a call that’s left you with shivers down your spine or had to backpedal out of a house because… Read more »

What Chewy.com Can Teach You About Customer Service

When is the last time you received a truly exceptional customer service experience—the kind that made you want to run and tell everyone you know? My wife Megan recently had this kind of experience, and it’s made a huge impression on us both. It all started on Megan’s birthday. We had plans to go out… Read more »

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Contributing to ReminderMedia’s Branded Publications

Thank you for your interest in writing for ReminderMedia! We are always looking for creative ideas from seasoned writers with travel experience, expertise in a particular field, or anyone with a knack for research. Before you submit your pitch, please read through the following document, which outlines our brand tone and style, procedures for pitching,… Read more »

The Incredible Effects of Getting Granular With Your Day

Do you ever feel like there’s so much on your plate that you can’t comprehend just how you’ll get it all done? Sometimes life piles on responsibilities so mercilessly that we start to drown. The wind gets taken out of your sails and you stay in port, going nowhere. Stop looking at it all. Instead,… Read more »


How a Broker Uses American Lifestyle Magazine to Grow Her Business

In real estate, selling luxury homes is all about how well you market yourself.  Elisa Guida, a broker/owner at Keller Williams Realty Downtown, knows just how hard it is to move into a higher level of real estate. After being introduced to this high-quality tool, Guida’s business has been prospering from the positive impact created… Read more »


How a Top Producer Uses American Lifestyle magazine to Stay in Touch

Communicating with your sphere is a crucial aspect of business. But, when it comes to real estate—the type of competitive industry that depends on repeat and referral business—staying in touch with your past and current clients can either make or break your career. In fact, founder and lead agent with Laguna Residential, Brady Moore stresses… Read more »

Stop Asking for Referrals

Ep. 239: How to ask for REFERRALS the right way, with Barb Betts

 How to Develop a Relationship Marketing System Word-of-Mouth is Not a System Who should listen: This episode is for professional service providers who want to understand how to operationalize their relationship marketing strategy. Key point: Relationship marketing requires authenticity; it’s not for everyone. If you don’t have a prospect’s trust, then not even your… Read more »