The Best Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisors

Marketing for financial advisors is much like marketing for providers of other professional services. You need to ensure you direct your marketing toward a well-defined audience. Your marketing should tell a compelling story. It must offer your audience something of value. And best practices require it include a call to action. But unlike marketing for… Read more »

7 Costly Mistakes Everyone Makes with Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Congratulate yourself on making the decision to start using direct mail! Direct mail is a marketing tool that, unfortunately, some business owners don’t believe in.  But you know better! Still, you do need to take some care when using direct mail. Specifically, you want to avoid these seven costly mistakes when planning your direct mail… Read more »


Ep. 319: Best of the Best Sales and Marketing Tips from 2021

 The Best Sales and Marketing Tips We Heard in 2021 Who should listen: Entrepreneurs and small-business owners who want to know the best sales and marketing tips from people who have succeeded in their businesses. Key idea: Success requires that you commit to consistent action. Action item: Listen to each of these 8 episodes,… Read more »

Ep. 40: Why You Should Personalize Your Business Message

Let’s face it: the majority of us are apprehensive when it comes to writing. Whether it’s writing copy for a marketing piece or corresponding with our clients, it can seem like a daunting task. However, writing a personalized letter can provide your business with numerous opportunities. In today’s episode of Stay Paid, Josh and Luke… Read more »


Ep. 361: How to Let the Best Leads Find You (with Chris Smith)

 Privacy in the Digital Age What’s a Marketer to Do When You Can’t Track Users? Who should listen: Small business entrepreneurs who struggle to attract leads now that consumer privacy laws and regulations are peeling back once reliable tactics and tools. Key idea: If small business owners are to have a fighting chance in… Read more »

7 Ways Agents Can Differentiate Their Service from the Competition

As of January 2022, the National Association of REALTORS® had a membership roster of more than 1.5 million people. Odds are, wherever you are there are plenty of other agents competing for the same clients and listings. So how can you ensure that your service and personality stands out so you can generate leads more… Read more »

Ep 128: DEEP DIVE – Seth Greene – The Lead Generation Tips No One is Telling You

   Seth Greene is the nation’s foremost authority on growing your business. He is the cohost of the SharkPreneur podcast with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington—named one of the top ten podcasts to listen to in 2019 by Nasdaq. He’s also the founder of the direct response marketing firm, Market Domination, and a seven-time best-selling… Read more »


Ep. 332: How to Write Engaging LinkedIn Articles (and Why You Should)

 Writing for LinkedIn Who should listen: Small business owners who want to know how to write articles for LinkedIn that will boost their credibility and attract potential clients. Key idea: Potential clients are using LinkedIn to find out more about the professionals they may hire. Make sure your profile includes expertly written articles that… Read more »

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Tips for How to Write an Irresistible Property Description

When you became a real estate agent, you may not have realized how much writing you would be required to do. You’re not just writing contracts, but promotional materials, mailers, website copy, and more, including property descriptions. If every listing description feels like you’re reinventing the wheel, it’s time to create a systematic way of… Read more »

Ep. 212: How to Identify Your Ideal Client

 3 Ways of Finding Your Ideal Client The ability to find a customer, sell your product or service to that customer, and satisfy the customer so that he buys from you again should be the central focus of all entrepreneurial activity. The greater clarity you have with regard to your ideal customer, the more… Read more »


Graphic Design for Real Estate Agents: Free Resources, Tips, Tools

There are excellent reasons for adding graphic elements to your blogs, social media posts, real estate flyers, and website that go beyond making them look more attractive and catching people’s attention. Graphic elements, whether they’re photos, diagrams, charts, tables, videos, illustrations, or something else that relies on our visual senses to appreciate, are all capable… Read more »