Ep 76: How Making 25 Calls a Day Can Transform Your Business (with Sean Everett)

  Sean Everett is a Las Vegas-based real estate agent and the founder of Everett Academy, an interactive training system that teaches agents the fundamentals of real estate. Early in his career, he was diagnosed with a Chiari malformation—a rare brain condition that began causing the left side of his body to become paralyzed—and he… Read more »

Four Character Traits of an ISA

Hiring an ISA can be a tricky process. It takes a special kind of person to grind it out everyday dialing for dollars. One of the best ways to make sure you’re bringing on the right person is to use a personality assessment and look for these traits. Video Transcription All right guys, so we’re… Read more »

How Agents Can Use ALM to Close Expired Listings

For a real estate agent, expired listings can act as an untapped resource. But, knowing how to close them can oftentimes be tricky. Learn how American Lifestyle magazine can help you not only close expired listings, but also garner more clients and build your business. Video Transcription Alright so expired listings are a great source… Read more »


Here’s How You Can Use Facebook for Customer Service Purposes

While Facebook’s recent algorithm update has been detrimental to organic content, it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo using the platform for customer service purposes. In today’s episode of Above the Noise, our social media manager, Andrea shares three tips to help you leverage Facebook to provide your clients with impeccable customer service. Video… Read more »

Ep. 17: Recap of Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit

Our Vice President of Marketing, Josh Stike and Brand Content Manager, Jessica Carlin just returned from Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit. While they went with the expectation of receiving actionable advice regarding the piece of software we utilize, they were surprised to take away so much more. Between inspirational keynote speakers and tips on how to… Read more »

3 Things to Look for in an Interviewee

When you’re trying to build a team that will help you grow your business and crush all of your goals, it’s crucial that you invest in the right people. One of my Instagram followers recently asked me what I look for in a potential employee. (Thanks to Levi for this great question!) Like anyone else,… Read more »

Ep. 166: Tips for Networking During Virtual Events

 With shaking hands no longer an option, knowing how to meet people online is your next best bet. Virtual events and conferences have exploded in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, and there is no indication that the trend will reverse.[i] There are, after all, a large number of benefits to meeting virtually,… Read more »

Who Really Appeals to Millennials?

When it comes to real estate, millennials are a hot topic, and for good reason. Not only are they currently the largest generational group, a large portion of them are actively perusing the market for a real estate agent. While tailoring your marketing tactics to reach this group is relatively simple, ensuring that you understand… Read more »


Ep. 293: Conviction Marketing: Become a Category of 1 (with Kelly Roach)

 Content Marketing Like You’ve Never Thought of It Before Who should listen: If you dream of hitting it big, we mean really big, in business, then listen to this episode and the advice given by a coach who turns overworked entrepreneurs into titans of their industries. Key idea: If you’re serious about being an… Read more »


Ep. 284: Content Marketing 3 Things You Need to Know for Quick Success

 Build Your Content Marketing Strategy Around These 3 Pillars Who should listen: Anyone who wants to engage in content marketing but who doesn’t know the types of content that will drive leads. Key idea: Whatever the content, it needs to be valuable in at least 1 of 3 specific ways. Action item: Select one… Read more »


3 Reasons to Add a Personally Branded Magazine to Your Marketing Mix

Among the more unique marketing ideas for small businesses is a personally branded magazine. It’s high on the list of the most effective relationship marketing tactics used by real estate agents, financial advisors, insurance and mortgage brokers, lawyers, and other entrepreneurs who offer professional services as part of their brand strategy. Sending a personally branded… Read more »