The Magazine That’s So Much More Than a Piece of Marketing

Sending a personally branded magazine is a way to stay in front of your sphere, close more deals, and retain more business. But for those who receive it, it’s the quiet time they get to relax with a good read.

Above all, it’s the reminder that when someone needs your services, your name and number are on the cover.


Stop losing past clients and contacts to the competition because you didn't stay connected in a meaningful way. Join more than 100,000 professionals who have used a ReminderMedia customizable publication to stay in touch with their contacts.

A Letter from Our President

It’s hard to believe that we’re half way through 2023! Have you taken some time to reflect on the progress you’ve made toward the goals you set at the beginning of the year? If not, now would be the perfect time.

If you’re on track, congratulations! What you’re doing is obviously paying off, but don’t take your foot off the gas. Ask yourself whether you can do you a little more of what’s working. Can you be one percent better? You’ll be surprised by what a small increase can produce.

If you’re short of where you want to be, don’t let it get you down—but be honest with yourself too. Are you doing everything you said you’d do? Are you engaging in activities that directly contribute to your bottom line—like following up with leads and staying in contact with clients? If not, you still have half a year to make the necessary switch.

At ReminderMedia, we make helping you close more deals and retain more business our primary objective. Our personally branded magazines and other products enable you to grow your bottom line by giving you ways to build and strengthen the relationships that, in the end, are the life blood of any business. They keep you in front of your sphere with useful and entertaining content and make it super easy to have conversations with prospects and clients that keep you top of mind.

If you’d like advice about how to push even further and exceed your goals, or if you need assistance in getting back on track, reach out to one of our marketing experts. We’re here to help you at every point in your journey with coaching, resources, tools, and strategies that have been proven to work. Give us a call.

To your continued success,

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