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Skyrocket your leads from referrals using our simple and proven magazine follow up system! 👇
  • STEP 1: Give your clients a bimonthly subscription to your own professional publication. (We do this for you!)
  • STEP 2: Call your recipients and ask what they thought.(They’ll LOVE it!)
  • STEP 3: Ask for 2 people they know that may need your services. (CEOs know other CEOs, Doctors know other doctors, etc.)
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Stop losing past clients and contacts to the competition because you didn't stay connected in a meaningful way. Join more than 100,000 professionals who have used a ReminderMedia customizable publication to stay in touch with their contacts.

Ways Financial Professionals Use Our Products

Mail to top clients
Use at events
Leave in high-traffic areas

“I’ve gotten new referrals from the magazine. They are very happy to have someone going above and beyond by sending a piece like this.”

~ Anthony LaRocca – LaRocca Financial Services




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Better than traditional advertising?

Here’s why top professionals choose American Lifestyle and Start Healthy magazines over traditional marketing.


  1. They get past the trash can and onto the coffee table – While traditional marketing materials quickly get thrown out, the magazines are perceived as a gift. Your clients will not only love reading them, they’ll also display them in their home.
  2. It keeps you in touch with your contacts on a regular basis – Unlike other gifts you may send to your clients, American Lifestyle and Start Healthy magazines connect on a recurring basis (every 2 months). They’re the perfect way to let your clients know that you appreciate them, while keeping your contact information front and center for referral opportunities.
  3. It is cost-effective and easy to send to all of your clients – Traditional follow-up gifts are either too expensive, or only have a short-term impact. ReminderMedia’s customizable publications are a cost-effective and easy-to-manage approach that help you continuously stay in touch for years.
  • “I have never had such good service from a company. Even the Ritz could learn from you, ReminderMedia. My clients look forward to receiving your magazine.”

    ~ Mace Barry Tamse – Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
  • “My clients love this magazine and tell me they try out all of the recipes. They also enjoy that the magazine has nothing to do with my business, but has everything to do with what they might want to know about art, design, cooking, and travel. ReminderMedia helps me create raving fans.”

    ~ Anne Spinks – Nevotti Spinks Asset Management
  • “My company and I will be clients of ReminderMedia for a long time. I will be increasing my mailing every time around because of how great the product is.”

    ~ Daniel Sipe – Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. – Lee, Sipe, and Associates
  • “I’m very happy with ReminderMedia’s customizable publications. I’ve sent it to a few prospects that have called to discuss the magazine and have gone on to sign up with me. At this point, I’ve gotten so much business, ReminderMedia marketing has already paid for itself.”

    ~ Larry Moss – Securities Service Network

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Send a PDF sample instantly to your inbox.


Send a PDF sample instantly to your inbox.