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Targeted Follow-up

What is Targeted Follow-up?

Targeted follow-up uses a combination of publicly available and proprietary data to develop predictive analytics about the contacts on your list and score their likelihood to move in the next 12 months, in turn, helping you better identify and prioritize individuals in your database in immediate need of your services. By leveraging over 250 data points, this data has accurately predicted over 70% of listings each year.

This service is currently available for Real Estate agents only, and is designed to help you know exactly who in your database to follow-up with and when, making the process of reaching out so much easier. Targeted follow-up scores are refreshed every 30 days. Targeted Follow-up is currently only available for Real Estate customers.

For more information, check out our recent webinar:

*All data used in targeted follow-up is obtained through third-party data providers. The information we receive includes a pre-mover score for an address and available contact information for homeowners. This information is for your use only, and it is not displayed or sold to anyone else.

How do I know who to follow-up with from my list?

1. Log in to your Account Manager.

2. In the top right of your account is a Notification Bell icon. If new contacts have been identified by targeted follow-up, you will receive a notification. You will also receive an email sent the Monday after the last delivery date for your magazine.

3. You can also view new scores by selecting the name of your magazine from the left-hand sidebar. In the list that appears underneath, select Targeted Follow-Up.

4. A numbered list of your highest scored recipients (highest to lowest) and their contact info will appear, allowing you to follow-up immediately.

How can I keep track of who I followed-up with?

1. Log in to your Account Manager.

2. Under your magazine title in the left-hand sidebar, select Targeted Follow-Up.

3. To the right of each scored contact that appears, there is a drop-down list that allows you to mark each ranking as: Followed Up (Interested), Followed Up (Not Interested), Left Voicemail, Try Again Later.

4. The “Mark As” will reset after 4 months if the contact is still in your highest scores.

How often will I receive a notification about new scores?

1. Notifications for new scores will appear every 30 days in your Account Manager and email.

2. You will also receive notifications the Monday after your last magazine delivery date with your most recent scores, allowing you to follow-up immediately after your contacts receive their magazine.

3. You can update your notification preferences to receive notifications via email or text, or can opt out of notifications by clicking your Image in the right-hand corner of your Account Manager.

4. On the page that appears, you can select the email you would like notifications sent to. To turn off notifications, click the green slider to the right of Send Email or Send Text Message.

5. When finished, select the Save Preferences button.

What list is Targeted Follow-up information pulled from?

Targeted Follow-up scores are pulled from the addresses only on your magazine mailing list that is currently printing.