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How To Locate and Add Your Meta Pixel ID

1. Log in to your Facebook.

2. Go to Ads Manager account. this will be listed on the left navigation bar. You may need to select the “see more” drop-down arrow in order to see it.

3. Once you ads manager loads, make sure you’ve selected the right account in the top left corner next to the word “Campaigns”. You’ll want to make sure you’re in your Business’ Ad Account, not your personal ad account. If you’re business account doesn’t automatically load, click the drop-down arrow, then “see more ad accounts” and select your business’s ad account from the list. You can also type it into the search bar that drops down.

4. In the top left corner of your screen you’ll see three lines. Click that to open the main menu.

5. Find and select Events Manager in the menu.

6. On the left hand side of the screen, you’ll see a few icons. Hover over them and select “Data Sources”.

7. Your pixel’s home screen should load. Click Settings at the top of the screen and you can see your Pixel ID.

8. Copy your Pixel ID and add to your Landing Page under the Options section.