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Facebook Branding Ads!

You will be the local celebrity with our new Facebook Branding Ads!

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“I have friends tell me all the time they see my face everywhere and that they know if they ever need help with anything real estate I’m the obvious choice!”

Why these branding ads
are so AMAZING:

You can easily reach everyone in your entire database for just a few dollars per day!

Your sphere will be impressed by your marketing because they will be seeing you on their Facebook and Instagram feeds constantly!

You can retarget anyone who visits your website, interacts with your social media or lead generation ads, and even your contacts from your CRM database.

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Our Special

Our branding ads follow a very strategic format in order to get the best results.

First, we make sure YOU are featured front and center. The goal is for people to recognize you and your brand.

Second, we call out who you are trying to reach to get their attention. (Friends, Family, Community, Etc.)

Finally, we highlight what you do and let them know how much you appreciate referrals. (most people don’t know.)

Getting this message consistently in front of everyone you know is so powerful because, according to past data from NAR, everyone in your sphere will know roughly 5 people planning to buy or sell each year.

These ads will allow you to finally capitalize on all the listing and buyer referrals you are missing out on!

Targeting that Will Get You In Front of the Right People.

Retarget everyone who interacts with your Facebook and/or Instagram pages.

Upload your entire sphere as a custom list and/or use a list of “Likely to Move” contacts from our system.

Retarget any visits to your own website and/or people within a specific area.

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