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Get Your First Month for $5.45!

Landing Pages

Designs and options PROVEN to capture leads

Choose from 3 template types and easily customize to meet your marketing goals.
  • Lead Magnet landing pages require leads to enter their email address in order to receive an item of value in return.
  • Market Analysis landing pages require leads to enter their name in order to receive a home estimate.
  • Subscription landing pages allow leads to sign up for your digital and print products.

Get Your First Month for $5.45!

Local Events

Fully automated email newsletters branded to your business featuring virtual and in-person events. We handpick the events. We build the emails. We deliver them to your recipients every two weeks.

Get Your First Month for $5.45!

Branded Posts

A biweekly, automated, and branded email newsletter plus a searchable library of thousands of posts easily shared on social media. Our Facebook and Instagram Scheduler also allows you to plan, set, and forget your posts.

Easily share on your favorite social media platforms.

Get Your First Month for $5.45!

Digital Edition

A unique, interactive digital magazine sent to your recipients’ inbox. Send customizable campaigns with the click of a button. Each edition has a custom-designed email that is prewritten and ready to send. Three themes to choose from each month.

Get Your First Month for $5.45!

Marketing made easy.

There really is no easier way to keep yourself top of mind. All of our digital products are customized with your personal branding, photo, and contact information. You’ll love having multiple email and social media touch points sent to your clients regularly without having to worry about a thing. Let’s get started.

Get Your First Month for $5.45!

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