Why Veteran Agents Prospect Less

The short answer—they can.

But the longer answer is that they have built a book of business. They’ve worked hard for their clients and now those clients are eager to send referrals, and along the way they have probably taken specific steps to drive them. They have earned the luxury of doing outreach when they have time between referrals and repeat clients.


    • Provide amazing service – If you create a lackluster client experience, all these other steps won’t be very effective because past clients won’t want to subject friends, family, and colleagues to crappy service.
    • Ask for referrals – So many salespeople don’t receive referrals because they fail to ask. No matter how amazing the service was you don’t get what you don’t ask for.
    • Stay social – Make sure to connect with them on social media. Them just seeing your posts will make sure you stay top of mind.
  • Follow-up quarterly – The sale is never over. Even after the ink is dry you need to keep your past clients close through consistent follow-up. Try to schedule out time every week where you reach out to this kind of past client. These calls are pretty simple, just touch base and check on their well-being.


Keep every past client in your farm, no matter how much time has passed since you last worked together. So many people don’t ever refer real estate agents because they can’t remember their name. American Lifestyle magazine is the perfect touchpoint to keep you top-of-mind while giving contacts an item of value that they actually enjoy.