What You Can Learn About Prospecting from Million Dollar Listing


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The agents of Million Dollar Listing are nothing if not persistent when trying to close a deal. Even when it seems like a deal is too far out of reach, or a client is too adamant about a price, these guys don’t let up. Salespeople can learn quite a bit from the determined agents behind the Million Dollar Listing series.

You have to start somewhere.

The agents on Million Dollar Listing didn’t start out selling the most luxurious homes on the market. Real estate is similar to sales in that way: not everyone is stellar from the get-go. Even the most confident people on the phone may just be good at hiding their nerves. If you’re struggling to turn a lead into a prospect, don’t let up. Keep pushing yourself and know that it takes practice and hard work to turn a prospect into a returning customer.

Be persistent.

If there’s one thing you should take away from this hit reality show about prospecting, it should be how valuable it is to constantly keep in touch with a potential client. You don’t want to bombard them too incessantly, but there’s a happy medium that exists that you should strive for. There are going to be people who won’t be sold right away, and it’s up to you to give your all. Follow up after a month or two, and make sure they know how much you appreciate them taking time out of their day to take your call.

Don’t let failure get you down.

Bouncing back from a tough deal can be hard, but it’s important to not get caught up on unsuccessful prospects, and rather, let it fuel you to do better next time. There are always other opportunities out there, you just have to continue to push yourself. Take action, and strive to always be the best you can be when trying to land a prospect.

It’s about the hustle.

Even with all of their successes in the industry, the agents on Million Dollar Listing don’t let that stop them from giving it their all with each and every client. The same mindset should be applied when trying to move a prospect through the sales funnel. It’s about your drive and your intensity, and keeping the person on the other end of the phone engaged throughout the process.

Keep these million-dollar tips in mind when trying to turn a lead into a prospect, and you’re sure to be that much closer to success.

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