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When is the last time you received a truly exceptional customer service experience—the kind that made you want to run and tell everyone you know?

My wife Megan recently had this kind of experience, and it’s made a huge impression on us both.

It all started on Megan’s birthday. We had plans to go out to dinner, which were put on hold thanks to one of those treacherous winter storms we tend to get here on the East Coast. Meg tried not to let on that she was disappointed, but I could tell she was let down. We resolved to go out to dinner the next evening, once the roads had cleared.

The next day, Megan came home from work to find a shipment from Chewy.com. Resting on top of our usual gigantic box of pet food and supplies, she found a smaller package. Inside of that package was a beautiful painting of our dog Baxter, along with a card that included this handwritten note:

We hope you and your furbaby enjoy the portrait!

Remember, we’re here 24/7. Call us anytime, we would love to hear from you. 

– The Chewy Family.

When I left the office that day, my phone was blowing up with notifications from Megan—a series of text messages, along with tags on Facebook and Instagram. Each one featured photos of Baxter’s custom portrait (which, it turned out, was hand-painted on canvas and signed by the artist).

Megan was overwhelmed by this gesture of kindness, and called it the best birthday gift she could’ve received. We still went out to dinner as planned, but all she could think about was how happy the painting had made her. In her social media posts, she of course tagged and thanked Chewy, urging her followers to give the company their business.

Truthfully, we were already very happy with Chewy’s customer service. They’ve always been very responsive whenever we’ve had any questions or concerns. And, the one time we received the wrong kind of pet food, they urged us to donate it to a local shelter rather than sending it back to be restocked. As the “parents” of two shelter pets, that kind of thing goes a long way with us.

If you’re a business owner reading this, Chewy’s exceptional customer service is something to take to heart. Think about the opportunities you have to surprise your clients with a truly memorable experience. Do you remember their birthdays by sending a card? Are you connected with them on social media so that you can congratulate them for promotions, weddings, and other milestones?

More important, never underestimate the power of a gift. Chewy sent Megan a token of appreciation, knowing full well she was already a loyal customer. Now, with that painting hanging in our home, we’ll be constantly reminded of that kind gesture Chewy made. And, when someone we know needs pet supplies, you can probably guess where we’ll tell them to go.

So, what’s your hand-painted pet portrait? Maybe it’s a gift basket, a nice bottle of wine, or tickets to a sporting event. Another great thing you can do is send a customized magazine from ReminderMedia, which will sit on the coffee table, just like that painting is hanging on our wall.


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Whatever you decide to do, remember that going the extra mile for your clients is absolutely worth it. Making a small investment today can yield great rewards for you for years to come.

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