The Do’s and Don’ts of Letter Writing

Crafting your personalized letter in your copies of American Lifestyle magazine is what sets you apart from the competition. These are your words and can be what helps you stay top of mind when someone is going to buy or sell their home. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind when crafting your inside cover letter.

DO: Start with a formal salutation


This is a letter, not a text message to a close friend. Start out with a formal salutation, like “Dear Jane,” instead of a simple “Hi” or “Hey.” Show clients and prospects that you take this seriously and genuinely want their business. Salutation etiquette can be make-or-break.

DON’T: Forget to proofread

You proofread emails, social media copy, and even texts—so don’t neglect to double-check your letter for grammar and context issues.

DO: Craft a strong CTA


Calls to action are important in marketing. They can be what compels people to pick up the phone and call you to learn more. Convert a potential prospect into a client for life with a CTA that strengthens your letter and makes your business stand out.

DON’T: Neglect to know your audience

The great thing about your front inside cover letter is that it can be personalized down to the individual. Who are you sending this magazine to? Is it an older couple who wants to buy a vacation home or a young couple looking to sell their fixer-upper? Know what appeals to your audience, and craft your letter accordingly.

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DO: Use figures of speech

What strengthens any piece of writing is putting thought into it, and one way to do this is through figures of speech—these expressions convey meaning by using things familiar to the reader to create comparisons. Use similes, metaphors, analogies, and anything you think will enhance the persuasiveness of your letter.


These dos and don’ts are important to keep in mind when writing your ALM inside cover letter. Customizing this letter is one of the best parts of including American Lifestyle in your marketing plan, so make it the best it can be with these tips.

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